Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | January 17, 2009

Random opinons on un-random subjects

1. I’m looking at this whole Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln comparison. I’m just not seeing it. The ONLY similarities that I see is that both are treated as God like figures whether in history textbooks or by the MSM. How about Obama actually accomplish SOMETHING before the annointing. You name the channel, I’ll tell you something they’ve done to promote the coronation. (I refuse to acknowledge it at this blog as the inauguration, it’s my blog). I swear, if I see one more commerical for a Barack Obama coin, or for that stupid civilian force idea (I just saw the commercial this morning), I’m going to flip. The cult of personality that’s attached to this guy is rather annoying, reminds me much of the cult of personality that’s attached to Pope John Paul II. (At LEAST with Pope John Paul II, he did actually accomplish somethings (in spite of the Liturgical destructions and a few other things))…Therefore as a matter of principle I’m NOT going to watch anything related to the coronation….Which means football time. 🙂 Go Baltimore, and I don’t care about the NFC, since my Panthers lost.

2. Since not all of us are called to offer the Holy Sacrificice of the Mass (cf Matt 26, 26-28; Mk 14, 22-25; Lk 22, 19-22), Likewise we’re not all called to drink the Most Precious Blood (cf: Jn 6, 48-60). The tradition in the Latin Church has been Communion under one kind. (Since in the accident of bread we receieve BOTH the Body and Blood of Christ). If we’re going to have Communion under both kinds let’s at least have intinction. And while I’m at it, can we ditch the cool-aid pitchers? Those are illegal. Of course Communion under one kind solves the cool-aid pitcher problem 🙂

3. If I do get the job at SLF, I have a LONG way to go to restore decourm to the Mass.


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