Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | February 6, 2009

My thoughts on some recent events that I haven’t commented on.

1. The Bp. Williamson affair

I don’t see the problem. A Bishop is bound to teach on matters of Faith and Morals, and that’s it. A private opinion is exactly that, a private opinion. The number of Jews that were killed is not a dogma or doctrine in the Catholic Church. If someone was to disagree with this it’s okay. Now that being said, 300 000 is flat out ignorant of history of at least 2.5 mill Christians being killed during Nazi Germany So even if he was to question the number of 6 million, the number has to be close t the number of Christians that were killed so I’d say at least 5 million minimum if I was to disagree with the numbers.

As I’ve said during many comments when I’m not blogging, it’s one thing to disagree with a Church teaching (which you can not), and another thing to disagree with a particular practice, that is to say the lex vivendi part. In this situation, neither Catholic teaching or praxis is coming into play, so he’s free to have his own opinion. There is no need for him to recant publicly of his opinion in my eyes. If people are offended by that private opinion that’s their business and on them to objectively prove that Bp. Williamson is wrong or vise versa. A Bishop by himself is not infallible, I think that’s been forgotten on this matter. Bp. Williamson is not infallible on this matter, so let him have his crazy opinion even if it’s wrong, unless its apart of the deposit of Faith, don’t worry.

2. The “stimulus” package and the pay caps for executives

You’ve got to be kidding me if you actually think that this 900 bill dollar package is seriously going to help the economy. I don’t pretend to be an economist. I’m a mathematician and physicist with a little bit of common sense. The pay cap on the executives receiving the bailout money in theory is a good idea, however this, just like the entire presidency is a joke if you think it’s really going to work in the real world. I don’t know about you, but when I’m working, if there’s an opportunity for bonus money, I’ll take it. If you’re going to limit the amount of income that a person can make, whose to say that the government won’t apply that to you or me? It’s the government, they’re not after your or my best interests.

The common sense way to do this is to directly increase the amount of money that goes directly into people’s pockets. In other words, decrease the tax burden. That extra 200 or so bucks (proportionate to what you make of course) if it’s on a consistent basis will be used towards the economy in a positive way and not just towards bills and such. The problem with giving out stimulus checks, is that often times people will just apply them to bills and such and not in a direct way to the economy. Money on a consistent basis is a good thing 🙂

While I’m on that thought, the problem is that no one should of been bailed out in the first place. If you fail, you fail, your fault. It’s like students relying on extra credit to pass them, just not going to happen with me :). No one should be rewarded for failure. But since the American law (idea) is now based on precedent, we’re only going to repeat ourselves until we get to the novus ordo saeculorum.

3. The equal pay for male and female.

Don’t be shocked by this (I reflected this in a Thought of the day)…but I disagree completely with it. Reason being…you should be judged objectively based upon merits for the job that you applied for not upon the fact that you are a man or a woman. Gender can not play a role in your hiring.

4. Our Holy Father

We need to be praying for Our Holy Father, especially as the Enemy tries to get him. The other major blogs have done this so all of you should sign the petition as I already have.

5. National Singles’ Awareness day aka: hallmarks renaming of SAINT Valentine’s day.

There is a HUGE surprise for the beloved Miss…more details later (she does not read this blog)

6. Pictures from the walk for life

I can NOT find the USB chord for my camera, :(, so no pictures, (I have zero idea where I last put it)


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