Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | February 14, 2009

Last year vs. this year. Ss Cyril and Methodius day reflection

Last year’s reflection:

As a lot of you know, my least favorite holiday is St. Valentine’s Day! (Because Finals don’t count as a holiday)….

A bit about St. Valentine: He was a priest in the year 200 roughly give or take. He was martyred by beheading…the way to love as Christ loved is to die for those you love as St. Valentine shows us…..However Christian meaning of Love is LOST within Valentines Day, and for this, I despise Valentines Day…(And yes, being single does help that point of view, but it’s irrelevant today)…..

When Hallmark bought out St. Valentines Day (you think it’s a coincidence that St. Valentine got cut from the Calender?, I say that it’s not) (and yes, the part about Hallmark buying St. Valentines day from the Church is a joke)….The holiday because more about secularized love…emotions, feelings, buying stuff to show people that you loved them, and this is independent of love (well, it should be)….

And while I’m on that point, it’s become a day of abuse…not physical, but emotional and spiritual, which as I say is worse than physical abuse…Yes, I use that term correctly….An abuse in the fact that the material things become more important than the true focus of the relationship which should be God, that is the abuse….Last year I was inspired to write something nice about V-day by a friend, however, not this year, i held back my rant from last year….

Yes, watching all of you couples from the outside looking in is annoying (Not normally, but on this day in particular)…watching all the so-called pda’s and my least favorite color red, drives me nuts….and looking at all the v-day gifts, does get rather strenuous….

However, there are some good things…..
1. I have zero need to buy anything for anyone 🙂
2. I have the chance to teach what love is supposed to be about.
3. Chocolate is a good thing, especially when I’m hungry….

And even better…
1. When you have God, and a particular intercessor, frustrating weeks like this are A LOT shorter 🙂

This year’s reflection

Well, since I go EF Sundays and for Holy Days when possible, tomorrow is NOT the feast of St. Valentine, but rather, the feat of Ss Cyril and Methodius.

Who were Ss Cyril and Methodius? Well, in Russia, and many of the other Slavic countries, they use something called the Cryilic alphabet. (That’d be St. Cyril’s work). Well, they were brothers sent on missionary work in the Slavic areas, better known as Yugoslavia, and around that area…Both were bishops and essential to the Slavic rite of the Church.

Some of you will notice very little mention of the Beloved Miss. ..This is purposeful, though when something important comes along it will be mentioned. (It’s a good thing she doesn’t read this)…The expensive date that was planned had to be changed, (my phone is broken), so something simple and nice will be done and maybe or maybe not reported at this blog…..(Though if you’re looking for much better reading when it comes to love and such, the helo mom series at by the brook is much better than me (girls are always better at this romantic thing than guys are, plus this is the same person who during poetry class had the lost look when everyone was crying in class (i wasn’t joking when I said I was a mathematican))


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