Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | February 16, 2009

The Beloved Miss Chronicles I: The voice mail that made the person who doesn’t cry, cry

Well, I’m not that great at telling stories, but I’ll do so anyway, since the readers of this pathetic excuse for a blog are probably wondering what I and the Beloved Miss did for St. Valentine’s day 🙂

Well, long story short, my phone broke on Thursday before the scheduled “date” on Saturday :(. The reason why I have my phone is so I do NOT have to memorize any one’s number. (Heck, there’s enough physics and math in my brain to make someone go crazy, not to mention the side stuff with the lectures, and teaching Confirmation, I’m blessed to remember as much as I’m able to on a daily basis, haha)…(Of course only after the fact, did I realize I could check the number who called via my voice mailbox)

Thus the scheduled date did not happen :(. (Though I think the date is often overrated)…So, My valentine’s was spent without my beloved miss. I was instead serving Adoration at my parish and listened to a talk given by Fr. Robert Barcelos OCD (Which I’ll give notes on later, just not now)…

Now I get home to my house around midnight (ish) and go check my voice mail. (Much of it was personal, so I’m not about to share it on here)…But I started to listen to my mail, and started to cry (now that does NOT happen with me (at least not in public) or in front of anyone). The Beloved Miss started by wishing me a happy St. Valentine’s day, and she was crying thinking that I was mad at her (she didn’t know my phone was broke, so she assumed the worst), and thought that I wasn’t going to talk to her again (I just thought to myself, how sweet, she doesn’t want to lose me, (believe me, she’s not)), and that was the end of St. Valentine’s day.

I call back the next day and she’s so excited to hear from me, as I am from her. I explained to her that my phone was broken, and that I was far from being mad at her, and since Verizon was closed I couldn’t get my new phone.

The funny thing, her cat jaggers (as I call him), is super jealous of me (though I can’t blame him in some ways). We were able to get into deep conversations about love, how much we like one another, etc, etc.

I just love her innocence, it’s beyond amazing, it’s humbling. she asked if I minded if she kissed me in public….(Like I’m going to say no, LOL!)…the joys of innocence. She’s not corrupt like me, lol (hey, 20 + years of public school corrupts you, I’ve been trying to deprogram myself)…

More next time on the Beloved Miss files, whenever I feel like opening up 🙂


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