Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | February 20, 2009

This year for Lent

It’s my least favorite time of the year, aka Lent.

Me not being a huge person on seafood, made Fridays a REAL chore during Lent….(Hence I’m real eager to substitute a work of mercy on Fridays to “cheat” the fast from meat on Fridays (which is still in force)….but I manage to not do so during Lent (mainly because it’s illegal to such a thing during Lent)

So, last year I decided not to sacrifice anything, but do more almsgiving, since I felt last year that sacrificing didn’t really lead me anywhere at least in terms of a spiritual basis.

But this year, after reading the Pope’s lenten day message, The light went off in my head as to why we sacrifice (during Lent anyway, I felt that last year as well the exercise got a bit on the repetitive side of things)

Ergo this year it’s back to the normal of Sacrificing things, (and the occasional doing something more)

List of things to Sacrifice.
1. All Blogging during Lent will occur on Weds and Fri. Yes, the same days as I’m fasting from meat during Lent….(Now trying to live this out is going to be difficult with a non-Catholic in the house, but I’ll manage)

2. No meat during Weds and Fri. I believe this is more in line with the Traditional Roman way of doing things, as well as I’m offering this Sacrifice for our president Barack Obama that he may convert to the culture of Life and may convert to more Catholic economic principles.

3. I’m going to try to refrain to one smart comment per day (If you know me outside of the blogworld, you’ll know how hard this is going to be)

4. There’s a few more things I’m going to Sacrifice, but they won’t be listed on this blog for the sake of I don’t feel like telling you 😉

The things I plan to do more during Lent
1. Shut up and let God speak, I do enough talking on a daily basis…
2. Complain less, and accept the graces that come from situations in spite of their imperfections.
3. Free more time to spend with the Beloved Miss. (who by the way says hey to all of you, lol)

Sacrifice, Pray, Obey

May this Lent purify all of us, especially this sinful servant writing this blog and all friends of this sinful servant and the members within the Church


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