Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | February 27, 2009

Emergency opinions

1. Obama announced (transcript hasn’t come out yet for me to parse through, which you won’t be getting until next weds, so others that aren’t bound to a Weds, Fri blog fast a lady in NC perhaps ;)) that we’re withdrawing troops by Aug 2010 and have FULL withdraw by end of 2011

a. Last time I checked, you don’t revel to the other team your play. Today only proves how mentally incompetent Obama really is for the job of president of the US. Violence is going to decrease dramatically in the region of Iraq because of this announcement. Violence will then start to increase in 2010 and really get bad in 2011 to the point of Civil war for Iraq, mark my words on this. (I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I’m likely right). Why? Simple, the terrorists now know that we’re leaving, so they’re going to relax for the time being and wait until we leave before making their next major move.

2. Conscience Laws are being considered to be removed via presidential fiat.

a. And all of you clowns that voted for this guy…thinking he’d bring change. Well you’re right, he’s bringing change alright, no longer will you have your Faith allowed in the public square of the medical arena. Perform abortions, change fields, or don’t have a job. For those that work in the medical arena and are Catholic, now is the time to make your choice, stand up for your Faith, or be in the hands of the devil. We need to pray that this doesn’t pass. If this does pass, this will only help put FODA in through the back door.

3. Fiscal responsibility, what a joke…

a. The president and his $3.55 Trillion dollar budget. Well, he just spent just over a quarter of it on Stimulus, and another $ 410 Billion on the housing situation…Hope you’re able to stay within your means…

b. But since we’re operating in negative money, there isn’t really money to be going around. So a is a joke anyway.

4. WREC is this weekend…

a. Don’t look for me there, I won’t be there….
b. Don’t bring it up because I will go off on it.
c. Though if you do have photos, i’ll be happy to take them and make light of the Liturgical situation.


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