Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | March 11, 2009

Recent happenings.

1. Well, at my parish, the priest who usually offers the TLM, was stuck, since the 5 was closed on Su, thus we had to settle for the NO, but positives.
a. no lame Responsorial Psalm
b. no “Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ, king of endless glory”
c. no heretical hymns
d. kneeling at an altar rail
e. Lots O’Latin

WAIT….This is the pure NO as done strictly by the books. The Mass actually should have an introit, graudal, tract (since it’s Lent), offertory, communion and post communion. If NO’s were offered like this, I wouldn’t complain ever!

(Not bad for the back up to the back up plan, though had I remembered a little more Latin, I would of done the reading intro in Latin…(I was lector, or to steal a term from Digi, God’s bullhorn)

2. Adoro does it again, all should read THIS ENTRY! She writes much better than I, and since she beat me to the punch (and isn’t holding to a Weds, Fri blog post for Lent, I’m not going to touch it)…Well, the legislators have decided not to touch this for now, but keep praying against this…Of course they can attack the Constiution, it no longer matters.

3. DVD’s? You’re kidding right? Digi reports so here, and CMR here meant to post this on Friday, but was at parish and spent some time with Jesus and my Adoration buddy (Beloved Miss was working)…They don’t even work in the British DVD player anyway…But this is what happens when you let an amateur in office…(at least one iwth no brains)…no class.

Mr. Brown, I apologize for the president’s stupidty. He’s never done anything other than community organizing, so don’t blame him.

4. For those of you that have me on facebook as your friend, please keep that guy Gabriel in your prayers, he needs them.

5. Keep up those prayers for me, the devil’s been working extra hard on me lately

6. Keep also the Beloved Miss in your prayers as well, now that my cell’s working again, hopefully this game of phone tag will come to a quick end.

7. Cathcon has the translation of the Holy Father’s letter to the Bishops, my quick comments (I’ll write a detailed post later in the day)…Mahony, Brown, you better get your act together. Rome is going to be tightening the screws.


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