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Life teen Catholic YM

Lola has asked that I do commentary :), and so I shall 🙂

My comments in RED, article comes from here. Much of it has details which I don’t want to torture your eyes with so I’ll comment on selective parts of the article.

I attended this Youth Mass one time and found it very disturbing to say the least, because of the music and the socialization during the Mass. It seemed very charismatic to me”

1. “Praise and Worship” music is something I don’t consider to be intrinsically evil. The intention to praise God is good, yet the means of it is wrong. The difference between secular music and Church music is not just a matter of astetics, but it’s a matter of form. The integration between the chant setting and the words is inseprable. The chants serve as interpretation and are also supposed to help you with your encounter with mystery. A matter of science can show the eletric guitar, drumset do not lead in this understanding of mystery. In that infamous document from Vatican II, Gregorian chant was to have pride of place in the Liturgy. There’s a reason for this 😉

2. Something I’ve mentioned is that when Mass gets reduced to the social order, the dignity that belongs to the Mass is removed. Hence why I’m completely against the sign of peace as presently practiced. (In the Maronite Form it works). The Mass is first and foremost a SACRIFICE Calvary made anamnesis. Is it any wonder why no one takes the Mass seriously, we don’t to begin with.

“The kids were encouraged to speak in tongues if they felt like it. My granddaughter was upset because during adoration several students began weeping and wailing and were taken out of the room”

1. Hmmmm, good to know people are being encouraged to mock a SECONDARY gift of the Holy Spirit. I would of sworn mocking the Holy Spirit was blasphme and a sin against the Holy Spirit, something about that in the Bible I read, but I read the I’m a really horrible sinner version, maybe they got the good news translation or somethng.

2. Weeping and wailing may have not been from God, looks can be deceiving, but that being said, I can’t judge the situation…but objectively mocking the Holy Spirit I can. (as seen from above)

“She was told that her daughter could not be confirmed if she did not attend Life Teen mass and the Life Teen group. My daughter spoke to friends that were still home-schooling their kids and found a place that she could get them confirmed. We took all three of her kids at home to get confirmed by a wonderful archbishop. When the pastor found out that we confirmed them outside of his parish, he fired my daughter as teacher of the Confirmation Class.”

1. It is not a requirement to be apart of Lifeteen to be confirmed. At least not at my parish. Quite frankly I avoid the Lifteen Mass whenever I can avoid it. I make no secret about it.

2. Awwww, if the pastor didn’t want the person being confirmed outside of the parish, maybe he should of done more to appease the other side, those that don’t want to be apart of this charasmatic movement.

3. I got fired for teaching actual Catholicism, so don’t worry, i know how this boat goes.

“The ministry is billed as nondenominational and intended to complement — not take the place of — people’s primary worship elsewhere….Thursday’s services featured prayer, music, praise and a message. But it was not a Mass, nor was the Holy Eucharist served — steps that would have violated Catholic canons.

“When he was put on administrative leave, he was told not to administer the sacraments and to not present himself as a priest,” Jim Dwyer, spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, said Friday. “If he is not violating that, we wouldn’t have to know specifically what he is doing.”

1. The mark of a Christian is obedience. Not finding loopholes to get around an order. Wonders what part of a priest forever, does he not understand? But this would put into question the validity of his Masses, a subject which is rather touchy, but it needs to be mentioned…which means many souls missed their Sunday obligation if the Mass wasn’t valid.

We heard about some of the promotional materials that were done, but we didn’t know if it was ever going to take place,” Dwyer said. “We made it clear to the Catholics at St. Timothy’s that it wouldn’t be (regarded as) an official Catholic service. But other than that, we have no control on what he does as a Catholic citizen.”

1. We as Catholics have LITURGY, which is COMPLETELY different from a service as mentioned here (link to be updated).

“A Web site called (a website link i took off) continues to solicit funds for Fushek’s legal defense, and it uses the same address as the Praise and Worship Center.”

1. Using the Praise and Worship center for your own legal defense? Pathetic.


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