Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | April 2, 2009

Joe’s kneeling Manifesto.

Since apparently the words of the Holy Father, CDF aren’t enough to convince priests that I have a right to receive kneeling. This manifesto is to provide the why I receive kneeling and on the tongue.

1. Because I’m NOT holier than thou.

If anything, I’m a far greater sinner than many of you can imagine. I’m a total failure at being Catholic, and I don’t know about you because of the fact that I’m a failure, I need constant reminders that I’m not God, which leads us to point 2.

2. Humility

The ultimate act of humility is to kneel before God in contrition, begging for his Mercy to reign. I don’t know about you, but I need a ton of that Mercy for the amount of times I’ve screwed up. Ever wonder why kneelers are set up in the confessional, hint, it’s because kneeling is also a penitential act and we imitate the Saints, (most notably St. Mary Magdelen, Ss John and Mary at the foot of the Cross). It’s not just an interior attitude, it should be reflected externally as well.

3. For those that want to kneel and can’t.

I know that there are many that want to receive kneeling but are physically unable to do so for whatever reason it may be. We are one body in Christ and offering our actions for another is a laudable thing to do :)…I need ALL the brownie points to shorten my purgatory sentence, any act that can help, I’m all for it.

4. Catholic Theology

Et Verbum carno factus est. God came to us, we didn’t come to God. We receive Holy Communion, we don’t feed ourselves. The fact that we’re supposed to be converted like children should say something. It doesn’t mean we de-progress as humans, but rather that child like innocence, that child like dependency on God.

5. Vatican II didn’t say so.

I was told that Vatican II was the cause for Communion in the hand, read the documents for myself, turns out the catechist was lying…

6. Imitation of the Saints

Who am I to be standing, when all the great lay Saints kneeled before me, my patron St. Thérèse, St. Catherine, Isidore, and many of the other great Saints. 🙂

7. John Paul II and Mother Theresa were against it.

“Wherever I go in the whole world, the thing that makes me the saddest is watching people receive Communion in the hand.”- Bl. Teresa of Calcutta”

“…privledge of the ordained…”

And we all know how EVERYONE loves John Paul II and Bl. Mother Theresa, their words have value.

8. Personal sacrifice and mortification.

For those of you that don’t know, my left leg has metal rod in it. Some days it can be a real chore to kneel, and others easier. It’s much easier to kneel at the rail, than it is on the hard floor, but I offer it up as such and remember that my sacrifices can help those around the world.

**Disclaimer information so I don’t get killed

1. I don’t believe those who receive in the hand are intrisically evil.
2. I know that the indult in the US is to stand, I chose not to for the above reasons
3, I didn’t quote Church documents on purpose, no one reads them (I know my readers do, but I can’t speak for the world)
4. This is also to remind myself of why I kneel, because sometimes it can get mechanical.


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