Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | April 7, 2009

Just got home frome WFL WC (UPDATED)


I’m so blessed to have been able to go with the Fr. Kolbe Missionaries here in West Covina (suburb of Mahonyland)

Pictures and such soon. (This entry will be updated periodically)

My reflections

1. Sometimes you need a kick in the pants to be able to do something a little bit better. As a physicist and a passionate hater of all things Biology and Biology related, I must admit it’s a bit out of my comfort zone to be involved with the pro-Life movement. I’ve always felt since my reversion that being pro-Life was just a given, that it was just common sense to be so. There was a reason I took long naps in Bio class, I thought it was ridiculously boring (and I still do)…But being at the Walk for Life gave me that needed push to be more involved with the pro-Life movement (and when I’m not busy with my wannabe theological insights or ranting about things Liturgical or life wise) I intend fully to have a few more pro-Life articles a month.

2. San Francisco amidst all the sin that goes on in the city is still beautiful. I could never live there (parking’s a bit much) but nonetheless beautiful. Our group was staying with the Little Sisters of the Poor (St. Anne’s home). It was very humbling to be in a convalescent home. Although I didn’t do much travel outside the home while I was there (quite frankly I was sick and didn’t really feel like being anywhere)…It’s interesting to watch the joy on the sisters faces as they’re working.

3. The walk itself was painful. (Now keep in mind that I have a half-metal left leg) but worth every minute of it. There were not that many protesters this year it seemed. Some of them were singing catchy tunes, but they were completely flawed. No flashing, nothing too bad at least that I was able to see. (Or rather I had the grace not to pay attention, as I was busy praying in Latin, the Rosary and the Divine Mercy)

4. Thanks be to God it did NOT rain during the walk for life. (I was already sick enough). The Truth will win, and the Truth won on Saturday, the only bitter people I saw were the protesters

5. I was blessed to meet Digi and the Digidaughter as well as Fr. John from St. Joe’s down in Santa Ana. Although time was short, I’m glad that we were able to meet. And thank you to Father for blessing the Miraculous Medals which I was giving away. We’ll definitely have to do lunch or something (preferably when I’m not coughing up a storm as I’m typing this sentence)…I was also blessed to get to know some random people during the course of the walk, as well as my stay with the sisters. I look forward to next year (though I know I’ll run into all of you before then)

6. I was also blessed to meet Fr. Mark Mary from EWTN (and, TV does make him taller than he actually is, he’s about my height). (and Yes, i do have a pic to prove it). He’s very shy. It almost seems like being around people for him is a penance. I like to call it God’s little twist of bringing people out of their comfort zone into situations where great fruits can be brought out of it. I also met Br. Paschal (and I forgot the other one’s name)

7. The scavenger hunt in San Fran was fun as well. (Though taxing on my feet, REALLY taxing).
Ss. Peter and Paul Church was gorgeous. (Puts my parish to shame). It was too bad I wasn’t able to go inside. (Let me advocate for 24 hour Church openings here at this blog)

8. Yes, the beloved Miss was missing, but she was there in spirit. Next year she will be there, and pictures will flood this blog. If she wasn’t stuck at work, she would of have been there. (And yes, I was able to stay in contact with her)

9. I really do need a new phone, LOL!

10. I’m going to the Walk for Life next year as well…the protesters didn’t scare me.


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