Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | April 13, 2009

Some frank commentary on things that have happened in the news over the past few weeks.

1. The pirate hijackings.

I’m glad that everyone got out safe (with the involvement of the Military of course). Of course had clownbama done that the first second he found out, it would of been much better, but since incompetence is now in the white house this conflict took a week longer than it should have. (Or however long it’s been I really don’t know), but either way this should of been solved the next day.

2. Notre Dame situation.

Since Incompetence has no class whatsoever, the only way this situation will be solved is if Notre Dame does something about it. ASU decided to let him speak but not give him an honorary degree (I have to give points where they’re due, he’s done NOTHING to deserve a degree)

Here’s my solution: Since he’s at a private institution, the place has a right to censure what anyone says and hold them to a particular standard. (The same reason why I can block you here). In otherwords dictate to Obama what he has to say in the speech. Since we all know Obama can’t talk without a teleprompter, make life easy for him and dictate what he must tell the graduates. And if he doesn’t play by the rules he doesn’t speak, plain and simple.

3. California tax hikes 1a-1f

In a word, just vote no. Our taxes are ridiculous enough as it is, how’s an infinite amount of ridiculousness sound for you?

4. Tea Parties

I’m going to the one in Santa Ana with Digi :)…Taxed Enough Already, you know it!

5. The America sucks tour: (Obama’s overseas trip)

Dear Mr. Incompetent,

Did you not remember your first lesson in school? You can’t make everyone happy. I didn’t realize we have to apologize for saving Europe’s butt in WWII, WWI. I didn’t know 80% of the Population wasn’t Christian, nor did I know that you weren’t bowing to the Saudi King. Do you seriously think the American People are that stupid? (Well, we did put you in the white house so maybe we are), Since you don’t know any of this information, let me happily teach this to you.

1. Your little fantasy world of no nuclear weapons is just like a Disney fairy tale, just plain wishful thinking, it’s NEVER going to happen! The nuclear bomb is what ended WWII. It’s not the weapons that are evil, it’s people that use them. Let me put this in an analogy that you might understand. Ball stands still. You kick ball, ball moves. If you don’t kick the ball it won’t move. Likewise, what good is having a nuclear weapon if you don’t know how to use it? No one’s going to be killed if no one uses them. And while I’m on it, the technology that’s in Iraq is 2nd rate to what we have, so even if they did build a nuclear weapon, it wouldn’t be anywhere near good as ours. Though the Koreans, that’s another story, they have China next door to help…

2. Yes, you are that naive, right after your cuts in the defense budget and missle defense, North Korea launched a missle as a test. And you want to negotiate? Stooopid! Let me help you real fast here. Kim Jong Il has little kids sing to him, drop your weapons, and you will too. He’s not going to “unclench” his fists anytime soon. Don’t get sucker punched. (Though that’s already happened, so don’t do it again)

3. How classless do you have to be? You gave the queen of England an ipod? Me, I’ll take another one (I just went on a nice spending spree). And to make matters worse, you put YOUR SPEECHES on the ipod (hey, if she wants to take a nap, that was a brilliant idea), but last time I checked, when you buy gifts for people, it’s something important to THEM. But then again, you’ve just been a community organizer and not in a position of real leadership. What more could I expect from you?

4. It’s real easy to remove a conscience clause when you have no conscience to follow. It took you 11 weeks to find an ecclesiastical community (this is a Catholic blog) in Washington DC? 11 weeks? Really now, could it possibly be becuase you were either a. hardly practicing in the first place? b. not Christian of any type. c. a closet Muslim or d. any combination of a-c. How convienient you decided to show up at Easter, just like everyone else. Now back to that consceince clause. Since you don’t have one, let me give you a little information about it. It’s that subconsious level which gives you a variety of emotional responses to it, guilt, shame, stupidity, a no no, but your arrogance probably takes over where this would normally function in a regular human being. If you wanted to unite people…here’s a great idea, let Christians who are in the health care business be Christian and live up to their values. It’s not a right to kill a baby, period!

5. You were bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, just admit it. It wasn’t because he was a grand total of 3 in shorter than you. You were raised Muslim and you know it. Why do you have to deny the obvious? The American people may have been stupid enough to vote you in (I wasn’t one of them), but when there’s visual evidence convicting you of something, grow a pair and own it.

Finally, while the stock market is playing a glorified game of limbo, shut up and get your hands out of this, stop with the bailouts. I didn’t know failure could be rewarded, but since you own AIG and GM, I want to know if I can get my oil changed, my windows washed and my grass cut? It’s all apart of my warranty.

I’m praying for your conversion, you need it.

Joe of St. Thérèse

6. Joe TV premieres later today on youtube. Frank commentary on anything I feel like talking about.

7. Students always ask the question “When am I going to use this in my life?” Here’s something they didn’t teach in teacher college: Since when am I your brain? It’s up to you to utilize the things I teach you in your life, not mine. If it was my job I’d be you. So, don’t ask me when you’re going to use this in your life because I don’t know, I’m not you. In liberal teacher college, they teach you’re supposed to vary the applications to “real life” situations. Is this not a violation of their own thought? The role of academia is to purse Truth. How they choose to apply the information is up to them. It’s my job to give the tools, so they can then use the tools to work on a job, not to do everything for them. But of course modern day academia is just reguritate what the professor teaches right back in their face to get an “A.” Hence why it’s not permissible to punish a student for knowing a different way of doing something or for knowing more than person b. Life isn’t about fairness it’s about the opportunity to do what is right. but I digress.


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