Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | April 13, 2009

You want to know how my easter was, here it is.

Copied from Liturgical Purgatory

Due to the fact that I had no car for the weekend, I was unable to drive out to liturgical safety at my regular parish (St. Therese), so I offered up the Mass I was going to attend at St. Lorenzo’s Roman Protestant Community.

It’s Easter so of course everyone and their neighbor remembers to be Catholic today. What does that imply? Tons of talking before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I mean TONS OF TALKING BY EVERYONE. I literally could NOT pray before the Mass began, even when I attempted to. The Tabernacle is covered by the curtain, and there are little song screens just like at a Protestant church. Three altar girls were dressed in alb and cincture.

Before the Mass we had to greet our neighbors next to us (I did not participate in such, I remained kneeling in prayer), yet people said hi to me, did I mention how big of an annoyance that is?

So comes time for the procession with everyone and their neighbor basically in the procession. At this parish, the Extrordinary Mobsters of Holy Communion and Lectors all participate in the procession. Fr. Tony was at the end of the procession. There was no crucifix present in the Sanctuary just a bare Cross and the processional Crucifix was in the Ressurectrix style. The processional hymn was Jesus Christ is risen today. Then the Mass began.

There was an ab lib in the greeting an addition of the word “may” to (The Lord be with you). The choir’s location was ridiculously distracting as they’re located right behind the altar. Penetential rite A was used and the Kyrie was sung in English. Then comes the Gloria with TAMBOURINES!! (That’s right, that little kid insturment!), MARACAS AND A SYNTHESIZER (besides for being illegal, that’s just ugh). There was clapping during the Gloria and bells were rung. There was also piano jazz accompanyment (and an ab libbed gloria at that). Then the collect was prayed according to the books.

The first reading was from Acts 10, 34. 37-43, the responsorial psalm was Ps 118, 1-2. 16-17. 22-23 and the 2nd reading was from 1 Cor 5, 6-8. The greeting before the Gospel was again ab libbed by the priest by adding “may”. Then the Gospel was read.

Fr. Tony then wished all of us good afternoon during the Homily. He talked about bieng pastor of community. Then DURING THE HOMILY, he told EVERYONE TO GET UP AND WISH EACH OTHER A HAPPY EASTER, (as if the greet your neighbor before Mass wasn’t good enough). There was applause during the homily. He also asked a family to stand up to point out they were suffering with a mothers’ death (yeah it sucks, I know, been there, but why during Mass?). Absolutely nothing mentioned about the resurrection!

For the Credo we renewed our Baptismal promises (it’s a legit option…). There was some ab lib commentary, and while the priest was sprinkling Holy water on us, the choir was playing the Song “Come to the water” (Can anyone say, what happened to the vidi aquam?)

As for the Prayers of the Faithless they were lame and anthro centered as is usual at this parish. The offertory hymn was “Worthy is the Lamb” (Which probably had zero to do with the offertory verse for the day). During this time there were kids running around in the Sanctuary.
(At least this time, there weren’t people holding the soon to be host with the priest)

There was an ab lib orate fratres. There was also ab lib in the preface by adding “may”

The Sanctus was sung in some Trilingual what the heck am I listening too, have no idea what it says. The Sanctus was also ab libbed by the choir.

EP II was used. Fr. Tony BROKE THE HOST DURING THE CONSECRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. There was a completely illicit form of the Memorial Acclamation being used. The Spanish that was used was Christo ha muerto which is not approved in the Spanish books (as a matter of fact the Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again is only in the englsih text). There was an Ab lib a couple of times during the Canon. Then for the “great Amen” there was also an ab lib “we sing amen” (cantamos Amen).

There was an ab lib in the introduction to the Our Father which was recited in English. The altar girls were in the sanctuary holding Fr. Tony’s hands during the Our Father. The Sign of Peace went on forever (as if greeting your neighbor twice wasn’t good enough). During this time extraordinary mobsters of Holy Communion were pouring the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. There was an ab lib for the Ecce Agnus Dei. Come Communion time, most received in the hand. There were no patens as called for by Redemptionis Sacramentum. I was not denied Communion for kneeling. For Communion, Some song called katawan de Christo was playing (heretical song). Extraordinary Mobsters were purifying the vessels after, and going to the Tabernacle.

After the post Communion prayer. Father asked us to sit, where he proceeded to thank everyone and their neighbor, including a slight mocking of my priest friend (probably not intentional). There was also clapping during this time as well.

The Final blessing was also ab libbed. The Recessional hymn was called the Strife is over (which also makes no sense).

An hour and a half in Liturgical Hell….I’m reminded why I go to St. Therese as my home parish now. Things are not Catholic over here at this parish, I beg of you to pray for this parish as I do. Things are worse than I even imagined…


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