Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | April 14, 2009

My platform to be governor of California.

I’ve decided in addition to Joe TV, I’ll also be running ads to be governor of California in 2010. (God forbid Tony Villar wins)

So, here’s my platform that I’m running on with detailed explanations on where I stand and why i stand on them.

1. Faith in the Public Square

I am a Roman Catholic born and raised. I do actually have a conscience and am not afraid to use it. No where in any document does it say that our reason is to be separated from our political stances. I go to Mass more than once a week and I’m devoted to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite on Sundays at St. Thérèse in Alhambra. The Founding Fathers had Faith in an Absolute God, and so do I. Reason has brought me to Faith and hopefully by my example people are able to seek the Truth in God in the Church. To those that believe Faith should not be brought in the public square: To subtract Faith from the public square would mean to have total anarchy, no Law whatsoever. Sit in traffic in the middle of LA for 5 hours with no street signs whatsoever, no one will move.

2. The role of government in the public life.

The principle of self-government is that well, we govern ourselves obviously. The point of government is to protect the rights that have been given to us already naturally. Even if you don not believe in God, the rights come from the individual, and not the collective. The government should be as small as possible. This not only minimizes the burden on the government, but also holds to the principle that the rights are endowed to us from our Creator, and not from the government.

3. The right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The bottom line is that you’re killing a baby when you commit abortion. It doesn’t matter where you stand, pro choice or pro life, you know that you’re killing a human baby, why? because when two humans have sex, they don’t produce monkeys right? If the government does not respect the right to life, how can you expect the government to respect your other rights? This belief is confirmed by my religious belief, but my religious belief is not necessary for this to be true. You wonder why the government is able to get away with taxing the living pants off of you, it all starts with the right to life, no life, nothing else matters.

Liberty, feedom from the government oppressing you. Some of the tax codes are ridiculously complicated. Immigration laws are “complicated” enough. Many of us have no idea of about 95% of the Laws that are actually on the books. You have a right to know what’s actually on the books as well as a right to freedom from opression, which hopefully, by the Grace of God I’ll be able to deliver for you.

Lastly, you have the right to pursue happiness. To pursue something does not imply that you will obtain it. As true happiness can not be completed in this life. Some people ask, but I don’t have what person x has, I want it. Well, did you work hard to obtain it? Why should I punish someone that was efficient with the tools that he was given. We’re all given the opportunity to do great things, what we end up doing is a completely different story. I hated when we weren’t allowed to use something that we knew that a teacher didn’t teach us, it’s as if to say, your hard studying you can’t use it, since little Timmy doesn’t know that. Each of us has a talent, it is up to us to utilize whatever “gifts” we may have to the best of our abilities. Likewise it makes no sense to punish rich people for being successful. They’re the same people that hire you. If they have more money, they can hire more people.

4. Republican or Democrat?

Both parties have made mistakes in the past. I’m not about a label, but a philosophy of doing things right the first time. I don’t care what your label is, we are servants of the people, and we need to remember that. The government can not do everything, it’s tried to be God and it’s failed, so let’s try something different, like sticking to principles that have worked in the past

Now that I’ve outlined the basis of my platform I can get down to specific issues.

a. The first thngs I’d do as governor.

*I’d by executive order establsih parental notification for Abortions. The reason why I would do this it makes zero sense that a teenager can’t take meds without parental notification, but a major operating procedure without parental notification.
* I’d also revoke all the tax hikes by the previous administration. We’ve never successfully taxed our way out of anything.
* I’d establish detailed conscince Laws on the books, your Faith should not block you from getting a job.
* I’d also dissolve the Teachers’ Union. They have way too much power, and I think they are counter productive to childrens’ learning. At the same time I would also de-centralize the school system.
*I’d also get rid of the government plane. We don’t need it, we’ll fly on a regular airline just like the rest of you.
* I’d also lessen restrictions on guns. And there’s nothing clownbama can do to stop me.


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