Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | April 20, 2009

Here’s a thought

h/t to Cavey and Terry for assisting in this very quick reflection

You know what they say, actions speak louder than words.

By virtue of one’s ordination to the priesthood, one MUST undertake martyrdom if and when it’s called. It doesn’t matter whether a priest offers the OF, EF, or an Eastern Rite Mass that is irrelevant to the question, but something to think about is this:

On the thought of Liturgical Abuses it comes down to two points
a. accidental (a priest is allowed a bad day once in a while)
b. deliberate (knowing the rubrics, and proceeding to do the wrong thing anyway)

The former is not indicative of anything, people make mistakes once in a while, their hearts and minds are in the right place, an accidental brain freeze isn’t anything to fret over and would not get into the mind of the priest whether he is willing to undergo martyrdom for the Faith.

The latter of the two, knowing the rubrics and proceeding to do the wrong thing anyway or deliberate abuse, in my humble opinion, can indicate where a priests mind is. (Note: this is NOT the case for every person, but in general the principle holds)

A priest that changes the words to the Mass, uses glass pitchers, allows “Liturgical dancers,” pours the Precious Blood after the Consecration objectively insults God, the Church, and heck even those he’s serving.

As I said in the beginning actions speak louder than words. If you’re abusing the Mass, you’re putting yourself above God and the Church. Why would you want to die? Since you’re now the absolute authority, you have nothing to be accountable to.

Now as I also mentioned this does not include every single situation, I know of some holy priests who are in a position of no win are “handcuffed” by the pastors that are above them. And have absolutely no choice but to obey becuase of deportation threats and other situations. These are of course exceptions to the rule, and not the rule itself.

I believe this is the point that was being made at Cavey’s blog. It’s not a matter of NO Priest vs. TLM priest (which of course there’s one Roman Rite with different uses (even though I believe that it’s 2 different rites, but that’s not something I’m going to argue on this entry))

But objectively is the priest that makes himself the authority in places where he doesn’t have any willing to give his life up for the Faith. Based upon the abuses (which again aren’t prescribed by the books, we have to sepearte the abuse from the letter of the law) I have to agree with the question that was asked at Cavey’s Blog.

*99% of the priests I know are willing to. (OF and EF)
*And I the majority of the time attend the OF (which are done by the books at my parish, and the ones I generally attend)


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