Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | April 28, 2009

Chant Workshop reflection

One of my biggest passions is doing what the Church asks, (even if I fail at it) especially when it comes to things Liturgical. Ergo, when it comes to things like this I get really excited.

The first day took me about 5 hours to get there (got there about 10) (hence, I was late)

We started to learn Gloria I at that time it wasn’t too bad. As a Mathematician, i picked up the music pretty quickly. I never really had to read music to figure it out, I just listen and get it. I really understand why chant is the ideal of the Roman Rite, there’s an intrinsic it that comes with Gregorian Chant that doesn’t come with any other music. The fact that it’s been handed down to us specifically for the Adoration of God.

We had sung vespers and we also did Paelestrina (as shown below)

On Sunday we prepared for the EF Mass. It was so much fun to sing the Mass parts, yet it’s easier for me to pray siting in the pews, but that’s my own opinion.

Hopefully God willing if I become YM that I’ll be able to bring this to a youth Mass near you (all for the eviction of praise bands in Mass, can I get an Amen?)


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