Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | May 4, 2009

Personal 3.0, for inquiring Kit’s

Sometimes I get a really good laugh out of things…People often worry a little too much, quote a sad lyric and everyone gets worried, but worry not today is the explanation of why the sad verses are always quoted and not the happy one’s

I’ve never been really that great at art, I can barely draw stick figures. Heck, I’m lucky to be able to draw a graph correctly in mathematics. So often times the pictures that I “paint” are ugly, formless, and have zero continuity to them. (Though my math problems look quite nice), so let me explain what I mean.

I like varied styles of music, everything from Gregorian Chant to Praise and Worship (don’t play P & W at Mass though ;)) from rock to popular music, and most people don’t understand the why part.

Plain and simply put, the songs that are on my ipod touch or that I listen to paint a picture of what I’ve been through, what I’ve undergone, what I’ve yet to go through, basically, they paint a picture of who I am to an extent. The lyrics of a song may not exactly apply to me as written (this is where I use creative license to make it so),

I quoted yesterday from Lindsay Lohan (yes, that one) from her song Over “my tears are turning into time, I’ve wasted trying to find a reason for goodbye.”

Tears being a metaphor (Joe doesn’t cry in public, and rarely does he in private) for the time I’ve spent reflecting on the past (as I wrote about somewhere else, I have this ridiculous problem of remembering things to the finest detail), and letting go of such is at times very difficult (depending on the subject in question), (I never said understanding me would be easy)

I quote things that always apply to my situation in a twisted way. Things aren’t quoted just for the sake of quotation, there’s always a reason for everything I say (even if it makes zero sense whatsoever), and unlike most people, I actually mean what I tell you (unless there’s sarcasm involved in my statement)

For example: “All women are evil” Is that really true? (Well, there is a math proof that says it’s so but besides that). The statement should perhaps be qualified by saying all women who have broken Joe’s heart are evil. It’s just much more fun to say all women are evil, (and I love to get people to think). Certainly all women are amazing creatures of God, who we wouldn’t be anywhere as a society without (even if the subjective reality of my own experiences point otherwise)…Therefore, if you haven’t broken my heart, you have absolutely nothing to worry about ;)…only if you have,…will you have problems….(and even then mercy is greater than the sin that’s been committed)….(and if you want to know if you have or haven’t all you need to do is ask, whether i give you the answer or not is another story)

Anyways, done talking about me.


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