Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | May 12, 2009

Well duh….

..the “congregation isn’t ready” (well no f.s.)

As some of you know I have an ambitious project of getting a TLM at my “Roman Protestant that shall be nameless” Community in an attempt to share with the world the life changing experience the TLM has put in my life.

Today, the pastor of the Roman Protestant Community came in during my meeting with my spiritual director and said that “the congregation wasn’t ready for a TLM” and denied my request to have a TLM there.

Now to say what I was thinking when he said that…

well no f.s. the congregation isn’t ready, w.t.f. did you think I wanted the Mass offered that weekend? Of course they needed to be catechized on the older form, servers need to be trained, priests, deacon and sub deacon needed to be trained, that wasn’t going to happen overnight.

Were the pagans “ready” when missionaries came to their land? I don’t think so!

You abuse the liturgy like no tomorrow, put yourself above the mind of the Church, all for pastoral reasons, well, did you think I was the only one to request this, others have asked me to do so. I’m not sorry for calling you out on the things you need to be called out on, and not “k.a.” or falling down and worshipping you like some of the other parishioners, I don’t know what it is you have against me, that one year vacation turned into three, I think it’s because you know that I’m right, and you being in the position of authority you decide to use it to bully people and get your own personal agenda across. It does not concern you that souls are going to hell because of your lack of adherence to the rubrics of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Masses at your parish are sacrilegious and that’s being kind. The complete dilution of the priesthood of the faithful and the ministerial priesthood have caused for a lack of Catholic identity and I honestly can’t tell the difference between this parish and the local protestant group down the street.

SP gives those that request the Mass of Bl. John XXIII to have that request adhered to by the pastor.

You don’t even respect me enough to meet with me privately. The reason that I made an appointment to see you was to discuss the matter, not for you to sit and bully your personal anti-Tradition, anti-Church mindset to me. I wanted to discuss the details of how it could be done and arrange a date later in the year. But as with everything at this parish, you’re infallible and are an expert on everything…newsflash, the graces of ordination does not wipe away ignorance. I at one point was head of maths department. Yet even though I was head of the department didn’t mean I used my power to get my personal agenda across, nor did it mean I was the absolute authority on everything. I was the absolute authority in matters of my competence, calculus, precalc, trig, algebra, complex analysis, vectors. Even though I was head, I deferred in matters where I was ignorant (statistics) to those who knew more than me. Being the head of something means that you’re a servant. It is your job to guide and lead others, but you don’t know everything, and have to accept that and let others who know more than you in an area take away a burden from you. The parish is a disgrace to Catholicism!

(oh how much I really wish I could of told him that…(and if any of you know me, it will likely happen, my buttons get pushed all the time))

Because of what’s written above, I Joe of St. Thérèse hereby request in addition to your regular prayers for the situation….a Rosary Crusade 1000 Rosaries (I’m not cool enough that many readers to get a million, so 1000 for a start, if we get a million great :)) to the Blessed Mother for the following intentions (please feel free to share, I need all the help I can get ;))

  • A TLM to be offered in the Walnut, Diamond Bar, West Covina, La Puente Area.
  • For an end to Liturgical Abuse in the above area
  • For the priests of the area in 1, that their hearts may be softened
  • For the end to abortion to the area in 1
  • For myself, that I may maintain some sense of sanity throughout this
  • For Joe’s spiritual director’s brother and wife to be able to come to the USA in June.
  • For any intentions that may be added via comments

Anyways, I better stop ranting before the archdiocese black lists me (oh wait, I’m already on the list, LOL!)


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