Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | May 21, 2009

Accepting Crosses, Arrogance, Stubborness, Humility and such matters

A prayer that I pray daily for my priest friends is that “God, may you make their burden light.” Many of my priest friends undergo persecution for their orthodoxy, stances on Liturgical issues, and heck even for personality clashes.

I really admire my spiritual director amidst his situation which I’m not exactly at liberty to go into super detail about, he carries his cross willingly and more accepting than I’ll ever do so. (Me being an extremely stubborn mule).

Stubbornness the tendency to self initiate, stand up for right principle or the tendency to not be willing to abandon self. (Something I think we’re all guilty of to various degrees)…In the case of me is one of my biggest flaws. (and good qualities (don’t need anyone thinking I have major self esteem issues, LOL!))

Let me try to figure out where I’m going with this….In short, I’m not always willing to accept the Crosses that I’ve been given to bear very willingly…Of course this is where some people will say “Jesus accepted his Cross willingly…” and I reply BS…Wasn’t there something in the Bible about let this Chalice pass from me?…

But that’s not the important half, the 2nd half is, but not as I will, but as Thy will. The problem with being stubborn is when it gets too out of hand, and kind of put yourself as a “god” in a loose sense of the word…

If pride were on a right to left scale such as like with politics, stubbornness is to the right that is conservative, the intention is correct, yet it’s the extreme of where we’re supposed to be.

Arrogance the deliberate putting of yourself above God, the confidence of yourself over everything else, would be to the left of the scale. As I say, having confidence is a good thing, but too much of it isn’t.

There are some people who act such that they themselves are God, who treat others as lower than themselves and people who think that they’re competent in EVERYTHING….(And I don’t exclude myself from this discussion, I myself have been like this at times though not to a complete degree)

It is extremely demeaning when people bring up issues to your face, and then say “don’t answer me” when trying to give an explanation about a particular situation that happened. Sometimes those on the arrogant side get a bit drunk on authority and doing whatever they want since they’re in charge.

I do at times feel pain having left my old parish (I know I give my old parish an extremely hard time at this blog, and I’m well within my rights to do so, but understand I only am judging the objective actions that have been committed). It causes scandal in my heart because it was home and to have it ripped away by power hungry pastor is deeply hurting to me, which is why I seek refuge at the EF, nothing to stress about 😉 (and I get VERY stressed at times, there’s a ton on my plate at times)

The funding to pay for my drive to St. Therese is running low soon…and back to accepting my Cross willingly

Humility does not mean being a pushover and allowing things to happen to you for no reason. Jesus teaches us this at His Passion, when he was struck on the other cheek, he asked why he was struck. Humility is recognizing that all that we do comes from God. Whether it’s the good, bad, rejoice in suffering…Which apparently I don’t do enough of.

The Cross that I have to bear Liturgical sufferings, my mom’s death, my Catholic Faith, constant rejection, (well, that’s some of what I bear…there’s more)…It’s the Cross that’s been given to me, time to carry it.

And with that, I’m off to Confession, and then to kick some tail on my final exam.

Pax Vobis


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