Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | June 2, 2009

Liturgical Rant

I just got home from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being offered at Our Lady of Guadalupe in El Monte (a very nice Spanish parish generally…)

I know my purgatory sentence is about to increase 100 fold for this rant, but I really don’t care today.

I was denied receiving kneeling and on the tongue by the Pastor of the parish….

Now bear in mind I’m holding my Missal in my hand so I can read my Latin and not go nuts. My hands were completely occupied, as to make sure I wouldn’t use them.

Because of Glorified Regular Flu EVERYONE received in the hands. (All of you know my position on receiving in the hand, not a recommended practice)

Keep in mind, this is after exchanging the sign of peace with everyone and their neighbor (though it’s pretty well dignified at the parish)

Quick science lesson.

There are n germs on some one’s hand. Multiply that by 2 if a person uses two hands, and multiply it by the number of hands you shake in a particular area, so let’s say 7 for this Mass. that’s 7n germs that are now on your hands. Not to mention the air molecules, and if some one’s actually sick.

The tongue there are also n germs. Yet, a slightly different case. Heat kills. (That’s why you’re supposed to wash your hands with warm water). The mouth is a fairly hot (98.6 typical) place to be. Now being enclosed by a smaller area + warm breath = believe it or not less germs being there than on your hands. (Now given I’m not a bio teacher, check with Rachel, she’s my resident bio nerd, I do physics), but even I can make 1 + 1 = 2.

Because of Glorified regular flu, many parishes have forced people to receive in the hand (as this parish has done)…I was just about to curse out Father during Communion (I restrained, and VERY reluctantly received in the hand, and was licking my hand well after Mass, I do not want one drop of Our Lord falling because of my negligence) I was virtually crying because to me the act has become totally sacrilegious in my eyes. (My how times have changed for me). I don’t even know how to make my hands anymore, that’s how long it’s been since I’ve received in the hand.

I know what my rights are and according to RS 92, no pastor has a right to deny me Communion on the tongue. (As well in the GIRM, 160). And since I tend to be confrontational, I was about to lecture then and there (in Spanish, which means I was really angry) on what my rights were. I sighed out a “por que” and Father was about to give Communion to someone else until I finally opened my hands.

I feel so horrible. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be for such

Rant over.


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