Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | June 6, 2009

The encouragement/discouragement of vocation

I’ve been told quite often that I’d make a wonderful priest…(To which I’ll say, sinful me?, Well, Fiat voluntas tua!)

Well, believe me, I hear and listen quite attentively to things that are told to me. (So much you’d swear I’m spying on your or something)…

So when you’re told things such as

  • That cassock fits naturally with you
  • Watch this video, and I hope it continues to encourage you to be a priest
  • we need you to become a priest
  • You, you’ll be one, trust me
  • I see you, and I think Father.
  • your Latin is beautiful, keep going.

and various other complements, I’m listening quite well…

But when I see my priest friends being treated as if they haven’t been ordained. (That’s saying it nicely). That is something that does NOT encourage my vocation (Just being brutally honest). Why would I want to subjugate myself to being treated as a nobody? (That’s already happening in my regular life, being the youngest in the department doesn’t get me treated well, to say the least). The freedom to do things right is very important. At a parish, a priest is treated as if he’s a nobody. It’s as if his seminary training in Liturgy is not enough. (He taught Liturgy for a few years)

Leads to the next point, Liturgical Abuse, also not not encouraging to a vocation. (I really shouldn’t of read the GIRM, LOL!), Glorify God, not yourselves 🙂

More later….


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