Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | June 29, 2009

The announcement that everyone’s been waiting for.

Dear (fill in your name here)

From July 25th-August 2nd I’ll be in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Great Falls/Billings for a “retreat.” (I use the term losely, haha)

I’ll be driving my way from my house of solitude to Great Falls, MT. Going through the states of Nevada, Arizona Utah and Idaho until I get to Montana to see Fr. Leo.

I do have a scheduled stop in Ogden to see Fr. Erik planned. The trip will take me about 20 hours (Including rest stops). Fret not as I’m not going alone. The Holy Spirit through me (as sinful as I am) has managed to get another friend of mine to consider being a priest as well, and he is coming with me.

I have 3 major goals during this so called retreat.
a. To live the life of a diocesan priest, Which I’m 99.99% sure I’m called to do. Since the furthest I’ve been is Northern California, I know that the life is much different, and I really want to get used to the lifestyle, the pace of the day, and take the time to appreciate things that are often clouded by smog (aka God’s’ work in Creation)

b. To get to know the diocese layout and priests within the diocese and develop networking. I know that I can’t go into something alone, and even though I personally am not dependent on community to function on a daily basis (which is one of the reasons how I determined religious wasn’t for me), I do know that if you don’t have support in your mission that you will fail at it.

c. Last but not least is Pilgrimage to various parishes, I haven’t been outside of California too much, unless Arizona and Vegas count, hahaha. I love going to various parishes to just sit in silence and let the Lord talk since I’m sure he gets tired of listening to me day after day at my blog, hahaha….

I really don’t want to be contacted too much during the time period, however there are a selected few that have been granted access to contact me during the retreat. Those that I’m allowing to contact me I’ve discussed my vocation at a fairly detailed level or well, they’ll be in my traveling circle. Ergo, if you’re going to be in the area, you should have way to contact me 😉

This has been a difficult process, and we haven’t even reached the formal application stage yet. As we say in Latin, Fiat voluntas tua (Thy will be done)

Pax Vobis

Joe of St. Thérèse


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