Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | July 11, 2009

Dialogue a means to an end.

On the subject of dialogue. This is a word that’s often used for everything…

Let’s have a “dialogue” on abortion
Let’s have interreligious dialogue
…and various other issues.

While I don’t believe that we as Catholics should be isolationist and ignore the world, and we’re supposed to engage the world and bring them to the Truth that is the Holy Catholic Faith…I do believe the word dialogue is misused ridiculously.

Pope Benedict XVI throughout his Pontificate has been pointing out that Dialogue is a MEANS to an END. That is to say, Dialogues must have CONCLUSIONS. They must end.

For example, my classes are NOT a dialogue…It’s a one way dominated lecture, me talking, though trying to emphasize the message and not the messenger 🙂

Lately there’s been much talk about dialogue with Muslims…well, let me lay out what it should end up as.

There is a point of discussion, so for example, let’s say the Muslim world wants to say “The Koran does not sanction violence against other religions” (Now, I know all of you that read my blog are fairly educated on my position on this)

They would then present their argument on why this would be the case. They’d have evidence from the Koran itself, and interpretations of the Koran, etc, etc.

This point would then be countered, with evidence as well.

Then if the above claim the counter as a faulty teaching, they would explain why violence by the terrorists hasn’t been condemned on a whole by Islam, etc. Remember that silence breeds contempt in an act.

(I was thinking about writing out a real life discussion…but I’m much too lazy)….

The conclusion that was reached was that Violence in the name of Religion is wrong…Even though the full Truth hasn’t been accepted yet, This dialogue has reached one end to eventually reach the ultimate end which is the acceptance of the Catholic Faith, and all Muslims being baptized in the Catholic Faith..

So let’s start reaching some conclusions already, enough chit chat, haha.


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