Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | July 11, 2009

Some thoughts on the recent stuff

1. Zero meeting with Pope Benedict XVI

Great that Papa B gave Zero a copy of Dignitatis Personae and Caritas et Veritate…

Now President Zero, being a brilliant man, should be able to read this and come around to the Truth. Props to Michelle for dressing appropriate for meeting the Holy Father.

2. Wolf Blitzer and CNN

Yesterday, I was at school helping a friend out with calculus, and the school plays CNN in the background on the TV’s…Guess what they were talking about…Glorified Regular Flu (or Swine flu)..I thought GRF was dead months ago? Both of them just need to shut up!, Though it did give me a chance to use my ihandgun app on my ipod…it’s a great stress reliever…

3. MJ Funeral coverage et al.

He’s dead, for gosh sakes get over it! Just bury him and finish already. I know he’s like a pop star and all that, but let him rest in peace already…Just ugh, zip it, moving on.

4. Pitchmen

I really hope they make a season 2, I like the show

5. That woman not Bishop in Linz

Dress up (and if you’re going to dress in choir, dress correctly anyway) was cute when you were 4, 5, i’ll give you 6, but now it’s creepy. Women can’t be ordained. Get over it.

b. to the guy posing as Bishop in Linz, back up, she shouldn’t of been able to grab the Host from the Chiborium

6. Caltrans

I’ve always wondered how they get stuff by taking breaks each hour on the hour….


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