Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | July 12, 2009

CIM: Church Improvement Mode

I’m in a hard hat working mode today, and think there are a few things that need fixing..We need to get the Militant back in Church Militant.

Uniform requirements for those in the battle

a. Uniform for those directly in the battlefield. Either the black clerical suit, or Roman Cassock for those that their situation doesn’t impede them from doing so. (Like for example a priest in Saudi Arabia, they wouldn’t be obligated to the uniform since, wearing the uniform is counter productive to the Church’s primary mission which is to save souls)

b. Uniform for those consecrated to God…Translation, Religious Habits for all..again, if the situation impedes you from doing so like the above, the obligation is lifted.

Obligations of those in uniform

a. To TEACH the Truth to transmit faithfully the teachings of Christ to not put political agenda’s ahead of the Truth of the Holy Catholic Faith.
b. To OFFER Mass in ordinance and the mind of the Holy Church. One is not to abuse the Holy Liturgy of the Church, no putting your own personality into the Mass, let Christ be the true actor in the Liturgy. (Not preside over a community celebration)
c. To PRAY with the Church and be CONSECRATED to the Blessed Mother. Praying the Liturgy of the Hours (importantly Morning prayer, Vespers, and Compline)…To celebrate these PUBLICLY with the Church as para-Liturgical.
d. To be devoted to the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar to have Eucharistic Adoration on a consistent basis.

Improvements to the GIRM.

a. Explicitly say that if more than one chalice is being used, that the wine MUST be poured in all the chalices BEFORE the Consecration. This the top of all annoyances on my Liturgical Abuse list.
b. Put back in the mortal sins for offering Mass Ilicitly 🙂
c. Ditch the option for replacing the propers with hymns or “other psalms”. That is to say, the Gradual, Offertory, and Communion verses should be said (in the vernacular according to the directions of Vatican II, or in Latin, doesn’t matter)
d. Ditch the “Great Amen” as is common in many Churches. It’s annoying and off key according to the celebrant chanting the minor doxology at the end of the Canon.
e. Ditch the modernist non-authoritative quotations from the USCCB documents on Church decoration. Move the chairs to the side and get them out of the way. Move the Tabernacle back to the Center of the Parish Church (Excluding the Cathedral Parish).
f. Mandate that all people in Liturgical Functions be dressed in Sanctuary clothing, whether Cassock and Surplice or Alb and veil, or something that distinguishes them.
g. Eliminate the interpreation for versus populum Masses by well, Eliminating the “Mass can be celebrated facing the people part”
i. Supress the “and similar words may be used” parts where appropriate.
j. Eliminate the option to receive in the Hand, with the exception of countries with active persecution where priests are dying.
k. Bring back the sacred Vestments (maniple, amice, cincture, etc.)
l. Bring back altar rails 🙂

Improvements to the Novus Ordo Missal itself…

a. Supress Options B and C in the Introduction. Leave the Dominus Vobiscum and Pax Vobis for a Bishop, that’s it.
b. Supress Options B-D in the Pentential Rite. But Option A needs some changing…
c, Restore the Longer Confiteor that’s used in the TLM.
d. Eliminate the “short form” of any readings.
e. Restore the guilt ridden passages that are in some of the readings.
f. Eliminate the “Gospel Procession” as practiced, restore the Traditional one at the Solemn High Mass.
g. Eliminate the Prayers of the Faithful, when the Liturgy of the Hours is celebrated publicly.
h. Give one set of prayers to use, a la the Byzantines. (Pope, Church, local parish, community and government)
i. Eliminate the presentation of the gifts….
j. Suppress the current offertory prayers and restore the old ones. They have much more substance. And comeptely focus the celebrant. (And me, lol)…as well as the rubrics that go along with them.
k. Eliminate some of the prefaces, 1 for Advent, one for Christmas season, one for Epiphany Season, one for Ordinary Time, one for Lent, one for Easter Season, one for Pentecost, and the rest of the Holy Days of Obligation, that’s it.
l. Ax to the ground EP’s II-IV, I was going to keep EP III, but changed my mind, it needs to go too….And while I’m on EP I
m. Make the “brackets” required, and restore the full Canon, full rubrics included.
n. Eliminate the Options for inviation to the Our Father other than “Preceptis salutaribus moniti et divina instutionae formati audemus dicere”
o. Eliminate the “For the kingdom, the power and the glory part” from public resitation. Leave that to the priest (a la the Byzantines, where it came from)
p. Eliminate the Sign of Peace with the exception of Solemn Masses (with deacon) otherwise Eliminate.
q. Restore the “Corpus Dómini nostri Jesu Christi custódiat ánimam tuam in vitam æternam. Amen.” and the Sign of the Cross with the Host.
r. Bring back the various Dominus Vobiscum’s in the Mass.
s. Make the Nicene Creed and Athanasius Creed’s the only sayable one’s at Mass.
t. Eliminate the “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord” and the other dismisal options.
u. Bring back the Benedicamus Domino for Advent and Lent, and Requiem Masses.
v. Bring back the Leonie Prayers After Mass.
w. Restore all the Signs of Crosses where they were supressed.

Improvement to Parish Life

a. Bring back Adoration after weekday Masses.
b. Bring back Stations of the Cross on Friday’s
c. As mentioned, Pray Vespers publicly on a semi-weekly basis.
d. Have a functioning Lazarus house
e. Have a pro-Life group that prays in front of Abortion clinics daily if possible.

Improvements for Catholic Identity
a. The Tabernacle at the Center of the Parish 🙂
b. Multiple Sign of the Cross during Mass
c. Restore the vernerable traditions, such as signing one’s self in front of a Church or Monestary
d. Solemn celebrations of Liturgy.

That’s mostly what I can think of on the top of my head without axing Vatican II or the Novus Ordo. haha 🙂 (Remember both forms are valid)

letter of inspiration to Cavey


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