Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | July 20, 2009

The desire to leave….

Time to give you a peak into my twisted childhood.

I haven’t seen myself staying in California since day one. I’ve always seen myself as living in another state. I guess you can say the fact that I really do not root for any sports teams in California could be seen as a reflection of my desire to get out…Of course I haven’t revealed much about my love of sports at this blog…but maybe that should change, haha.

Baseball: Seattle Mariners (we’re off to a good start so far in the 2nd half)
Football: Carolina Panthers (hopefully we won’t repeat choke job 09)
Basketball: Anyone but team Kobe…
Hockey: Ottawa Senators, Florida Panthers
Soccer: Les Bleus, Lyon, Liverpool, AC Milan…I don’t really watch MLS devotedly
Tennis: Roger Federer annoys me, but he’s really good and a devout Catholic so I do root for him most the time.
Golf: mostly play, hahaha.

Hence the possibility of going to Montana is fulfilling something that I’ve always wanted to do, leave California. Dealing with those who disagree with me is extremely simple…(fill in blank)

And some people are like, why leave perfect weather?

Easy….you’ll find out upon my return if I’m feeling open enough….


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