Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | August 28, 2009

Tales from prison, Modesty/dating, Courage, Impressions

Tales from Prison:

Oops, I meant brainwashing incorporated (Brainwashing Inc)…Oh wait, i meant school….no, I meant prison…

One of the cool things about being the TA, was faculty parking, no worries about all the crap that went on as a student. Unfortunately this semester thanks to idiots inc. (aka California Congress/Washington Congress) no longer am I a TA, but back to the regular life of a student, Tutoring Math, managing to make it by in a miraculous way. Guess how my week started? School losing my records, so I had to re-apply…Then after waiting 24 hours….Said some junk about probation…(which I haven’t taken a class in 2 years at this school)…somethings just don’t add up. It’s not possible when you’ve been taking classes at other brainwashing inc. stores to be on probation at another, but that’s just me.

However, even though this was the wonderful start to my week, I did have something actually good happen. I ran into my old calc prof René (whom I love, she’s an amazing person) and we had the chance to catch up. I love her, she’s completely real, understands our sufferings as students, and is also conservative :)…We were making jokes out of Monopoly Money which as you know we’re using since the government doesn’t know how to stay within their means…

Also ran into one of my former Confirmation students, who was the only one to defend me while I was at old parish…Somethings I’ll be forever grateful for, that’s one of them. I hope I’ve inspired her to restart the Catholic ministry on campus.


One of the cool bloggers I’ve had the pleasure to meet in person Emmy writes much better than I on this subject, so I’ll mention something that she said in her blog:

“Unfortunately, I think it’s because our society has been conditioned to think that we’re not complete unless we have a significant other”

This is all too true…I’ve been receiving “dating” advice from dad (who still can’t handle this I’m going to Montana, deny the world and stomp on the demons that haunt me thing)

This so called “advice” (see earlier post which I stole from my buddy Adoro)…Is actually adding pressure and not helping in this vocation thing that I’m doing my best to listen to.

The fact that I’m not dating has nothing to do with my horrible luck with women (and by horrible does the mathematical expression 9 x 7 + 4 equaling the amount of times I’ve been rejected mean anything but horrible?)

It simply comes down to one thing denying the world’s will and putting God’s will ahead of that.

a. If God wills me to be a priest (and having MANY MORE people tell me such things)…I want to be immaculate for the Holy Church of God. (And believe me, I’ve done enough screwing up…I still struggle), To offer the Holy Sacrifice is the Sacrifice of all Sacrifices…And my heart and soul should be dedicated to such purposes.

b. Worldly desires are temporal, temporary and not permanent. I desire permanence not things that are temporal. As someone who is a servant of the Truth, all things that I do start with God, and then everything else flows from there, not any other way… I chose this path on my own, no one is forcing me to do such things, I’ve taken my free will and applied it to this purpose “for the edification of the Holy Church of God, the Catholic Church”

c. If God wills that I get married, that will happen, I do not seek such as has never been my policy on women…I seek to impress no one but God. If people happen to notice, great :), if they don’t even better. My dad was saying the other day, why I don’t do certain things like try to impress the girls, my answer in short, I’m not trying to. Nor do I want to. If someone comes along that I need to impress, then I’ll seek that purpose, until then no worries.

d. I don’t go to Church seeking people to go “date” (as mentioned for the reasons above) anyways. While I’m on this point. We go to Church to Adore God, ask Contrition for our sins, thanksgiving for all He’s done for us and Supplication for our needs (ACTS). Notice how God is first in this.

I see women dressing immodestly in Church and it drives me insane as a guy who respects women (well, tries to might be a better word). To see women taking away from THEIR OWN dignity by showing off midriffs, wearing ridiculously short skirts, tatoos (though I personally have nothing against them, just some are not tasteful at all)…Drives me off the wall. I believe in my humble opinion, when a woman does more to reveal herself, it detracts me as a guy anyway. Anything that takes away from the mystery drives me crazy (same for Mass notice).

At this blog I promote the wearing of the Mantilla, as a form of modesty (not just because strict reading of CIC says it’s still in force)…The Mantilla is supposed to take the attention away from you and identify you in a special way as a Child of God and a child of Mary. I’ve mentioned it earlier at this blog the whole history of the veil, and what it represents. Many of my female friends wear the Mantilla, (and no, they were wearing one before I met them)…I truly believe that this is also an exercise in humility to deny vanity for the sake of the Kingdom of God…of course…The culture isn’t telling you any of these things 😉


Remember back in the good old days when priests and laity alike would stand up for the Church in the public square? The whole rating thing for movies (founded by a Catholic)…

A reader of my blog brought this subject to my attention, so I’d like to quickly address it.

Something that I’ll continue to say is that when charisms are ditched, all things fall apart. The Roman Liturgy was codified at the Council of Trent, and has always been in use…(Vatican II never got rid of it). The Novus Ordo is not invalid by any means, it can be celebrated in continuity with the Roman Tradition, and is in many places. It’s gotten me to thinking, what has been the cause of the lack of courage amongst our Bishops?

Could it be us not praying for them as often as we should?
Could it be the Liturgy?
Could it be the nuns and religious orders ditching their charisms?
Could it be horrible catechesis?
Could it be all the options?
Could it be the lack of enforcement?

I say it’s all those things to varying degrees. Ted Kennedy died recently as all of you know. I hope that you’re praying for the repose of his soul. Yet again, this guy is on public record as voting for things that funded abortions (even though he used to be pro-Life) and things that are contrary to the teaching of the Church. Canon 915 (aka the public sinners clause) was never enforced, he was allowed to receive Communion just like the rest of us. The major difference with Mr. Kennedy is that he was a public sinner, which causes SCANDAL, and since scandal was caused, PUBLIC reparations must be made for the sins that he committed. Hence he should be denied a Catholic Funeral (which he’s unfortunately getting)…Where are our Bishops (besides for the usual suspects) that are standing up? The USCCB has zero authority, so, don’t look for a statement from them….Where are our priests standing up for Holy Mother Church? Well, I’m doing my part, how about you help 😉


Emmy as mentioned earlier, told me something via this wonderful thing called twitter, which you should probably follow me if you’re not already 😉

Her and I were discussing our separate vocations, yet how we’d been getting similar advice…and she mentioned something to me that made me drop what I was doing…she mentioned how her brother asked if I was already a priest, lol? And he was impressed about my devotion to the Mass….The priest part made me laugh, but the part about seeing devotion to the Mass made me really think about something…That through the gestures that are done in Mass we can see devotion. I do my best to pray the Mass no matter where I am, no matter how many Liturgical Abuses come up. I’m just shocked that someone thinks that highly of me one, and two that people noticed. I hope that I’m providing a good example for all. Sometimes encouragement is a good thing :)…And as I’ve said, no dating for me :), but I’m glad someone noticed, and hopefully will apply that same devotion that he saw to himself as I say for anyone that meets me.

Anyways…I’m done talking, I should head home…(key word, should)


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