Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 8, 2009

My thoughts on a few issues

1. Zero’s speech to the kids.

LarryD over at AofA and Adrienne have great commentaries on the speech. I’m going to add a few words of my own…

1. As someone who used to teach math (had to give up that position), I valued every minute of class time. I wouldn’t of shown the speech to the kids, plain and simply because my lesson plan trumps the president any day of the week…
2. In High School, I was very self-centered, so I wouldn’t of cared about the president’s childhood or his attempt to relate to me. Honestly, I hate when people try to relate to me when they’re NOT me…Best to stick to the task at hand, which is to teach x subject. The teachers that weren’t personal were my favorites.
3. Though i will give zero credit, he successfully snuck his agenda within his speech by saying “Because when you give up on yourself, you give up on your country.” (Everyone working for the state)
4. The problem with education is the liberals that invaded it, and transformed schools into indoctrination camps instead of institutions of learning and pursuing Truth. The day schools go back to pursuing Truth, is the day we’ll get our education system back.

2. Iran

1. I hope zero has figured out that when countries want to see you blown off the face of the earth that they won’t “negotiate” with you….I guess it’s on the job training.

3. Van Jones

This guy is a disgrace to African Americans everywhere. As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I’m sick and tired of blacks playing the race card when it doesn’t exist. I’m sick of them playing victim, when they’re not even being attacked. Now I’ll cut him slack for not reading that petition…There are people that come around campus with their petition things for people to sign for whatever reason and it may have been one of those. But for joining a COMMUNIST group, I can’t let that slide. Zero, pick better people, you didn’t really think that his past wasn’t going to come back and get him did you? Are you THAT naive?

4. California Fires

Me, Rachel, Digi, Gem, Emmy, and your other favorite California bloggers are alive and well ;)…some arsonist decided to go out and start a fire. My question for the arsonist is this: Why didn’t he wait?, everyone knows that the fire dept. starts fires to clear some of the brush away, but these are under controlled conditions and actually constructive for the environment.

5. Disney’s “Friend’s for Change”

Another great way to brainwash kids…I mean seriously, there are about 6 bil people on the face of the earth, and plenty of water to go around, you don’t REALLY think we’re going to run out of water? The problem is that some people stress out because the water is distributed in different areas other than their own. (Either that or they’re too busy saving the delta smelt and can’t turn on the water)…Though that being said, I do like the little song they have.

6. Montana status

To be updated on my own time.

7. Isn’t something important today?

Yes, Happy Birthday to the Blessed Mother 🙂


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