Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 23, 2009

HC: The final chapter…supposedly

Well, Thursday marks will mark an end to a war of hostility at least on my end between me and the ex best friend. Whom, I haven’t well I guess the phrase would be “acted charitable” towards.

Even though I’m not expecting to start fresh or have a reconciled relationship..I do put these out as a continuing of the cleansing of my soul towards this particular person…This entry is a bit of a personal embarrassment for me…but hey, everyone learns from mistakes.

I apologize for the demeaning of your person, through my thoughts, my words, and my actions. It was wrong of me to say, to think and to do these actions. Fact of the matter is I was thinking with emotions, and not with reason. Even if what I felt was true it was wrong to scandalize and demean your person, period…

I apologize for the death threats I have made to you through other people, or in my own thoughts. Pain consumed me and it was wrong to deflect that towards you. Even though you never heard me say these things to you, I still bring them before you in humility because I was wrong in this…

I apologize for not coming sooner with this apology. Fact of the matter is I was scared and had no clue how to approach the person I once gave my heart to. I make no claims to be perfect in this situation and have done my share of wrongs which I admit before you. ____ I’ve said few words to you over the past 7 years, but none of them have as much meaning as the one’s I’m about to tell you at this moment

____, I forgive you of your wrongs that you have done against me. The one’s that you consciously know, the one’s that you do not conscientiously know that you are doing. You may never speak to me again, but for the purification of my soul I tell you these things that we may not have animosity towards one another.

Pax Vobis


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