Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | October 7, 2009

Here’s how to write a healthcare bill

While I’ve been listening to this whole healthcare debate, it amazes me how a bunch of people with fancy degrees from institutions of higher learning are missing the obvious. Healthcare can be in NEITHER the government’s hands, NOR the insurance companies hands. Healthcare first and foremost should be in the hands of the CONSUMER. With the following being said…I’ll now write the bill (and it took less than a page)

I: Initial propositions

a. The federal government will not provide tax dollars towards the funding of abortion, embryonic stem cell research, or artificial contraception.

b. The federal government can not fine you for not having insurance. It is not the responsibility of the government to make sure that you have health insurance. If you do not have insurance you are expected to pay the cost in full of whatever procedure that you get.

c. Any procedures that are done out of the goodness of one’s heart or conscience…that is offered for free, may be written as tax writeoff’s for the given fiscal yer.

d. Any restrictions that have hereby been enacted restricting the purchase of insurance from different states are abrogated, that is removed. You may purchase insurance from any state you wish.

e. Lawsuits that do not have merit must be immediately thrown out! A case that doesn’t have merit is defined as a frivolous lawsuit. If you want example: The lady who sued McDonald’s over coffee had a frivolous lawsuit.

f. Pre-existing conditions are abrogated…There should be no reason to deny you health insurance if you choose to buy an insurance policy.

g. The full cost of all procedures no matter how minor will be made known.

h. Employers will not be required to provide healthcare, as healthcare is a personal responsibility, not a public one.

i. Illegal immigrants are not covered by this policy

How healthcare will work…

a. The option to be covered is that of the consumer. The consumer may pick and choose what or what they do not to be covered in an insurance policy.

b. Of the cost in g…1% will be charged on a monthly basis (adding up to 12% out of pocket, insurance covers 88%)


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