Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | October 9, 2009

Zero in chief wins Nobel Peace prize

If you think I’m going to be rejoicing over Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize, you’ve got to be kidding yourself.

He’s been in office all of 9 MONTHS,…The voting for this closed FEBURARY 1st…which in essence means he got an award for being in office 2 WEEKS! 2 bleeping weeks.

Wtf did he do to merit this award? Community Organize? How many of us knew what a community organizer was? (Heck, I still don’t know) is it a real job?

For those of you that don’t know, my majors are math, physics and philosophy…If you’ve ever wondered why there’s no math Nobel Peace Prize, it was because the guy’s g/f had an affair with a mathematician.

Supposedly he got this award for engaging the Muslim world…(LOL!)…and talks for nuclear disarmorment…(again, what a joke)…

No longer do I want to win a Nobel Prize, I do not want my name associated with Zero in chief.

Of course the government’s going to say that I’m against a black president, and a right winged terrorist…Which they’d be right. I’m against someone not being measured objectively for their merits and being given awards for pity and accomplishing absolutely nothing.

If the Zero in chief had any class, indeed he would reject this award. Heck, I would go one step further, and have him state that his name can’t be nominated for at least 20 years. That will give him time to build an actual resume.

If we’re going to nominate a complete jokes for this award, let’s give Planned Parenthood the Nobel Prize in Biology for advanced abortion procedures.

But if this award’s going to be SERIOUS, then let’s nominate SERIOUS people who have merited such an award. Pope Benedict XVI should have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize instead of Zero in chief.

*Summorum Pontificum…enough said
*Deus Caritas est
*Spe Salvi
*caritas in veritate
*Redemptionis Sacramentum
*Restoration of dignity to the Papal Masses

The list of accomplishments goes on…

Rant over


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