Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | October 17, 2009

The blog on the blog

I have not blogged much about vocation issues lately, some of you may wonder why hasn’t he done so? Well, this is my attempt to some what explain the issues that have been going on…

a. A tug of war.

When I was a young kid one of the more fun games was tug of war. Now I wasn’t the strongest of kids at the time, but I did know my way with physics principles and used that to overcome weaknesses I may have had. Now this is just between 2 people. Imagine if I were to multiply the people by say 5/2 and end up with a 5 way game of tug of war between various aspects that are going on. I’ve been trying to figure out how in the world am I supposed to win at this glorified game of tug of war.

i. my students.

Contrary to most things you hear in modern education theory (aka, how to teach and spread liberalism)…I actually believe students appreciate high expectations, and not being treated as complete idiots. I work them hard not because I have an ego and I just want to see how much homework they can do on a given night. but rather because I know that my students are very smart and are capable of doing challenging assignments when called upon to do so. I really do love teaching, it’s something that I’m very passionate about, I always have been so. I’ve been willing to freely give of my talents to help others succeed. To me the classroom is one of very few places where I can escape the world. (the other being the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Adoration). I do not believe the classroom is the place to interject politics and religion* par se…however I do believe that the classroom should always be in pursuit of Truth…and Truth is with Jesus Christ and the Holy Catholic Church. I am often asked do you try and produce another you? My answer to that is no. It is my hope that I’m able to inspire one not to be like me, but to be in constant pursuit of Truth with humility. For those of you that know me outside the blog (and that must be all 3-5 at the most, haha), know one of my favorite ways to describe myself is “servant of Truth.” That is to say, I don’t want to establish a cult of personality around myself, but I want to keep things central to the message. It’s my job to transmit the message, not change the message to fit any one’s standards.

iii. Transcendence

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass takes us outside the human construct of time. It brings us to the footsteps of Calvary (eithier form). The element of verticality is missing (which helps the Mass be transcendent, the proper execution of Liturgy) when Masses are ab libbed, or the rubrics are not followed. As this USED to be a problem for me (for the most part I’m exclusively EF now that I have access to one)…Transcendence makes mystery come alive…hold on to this thought too.

iv. Life is amazing…

Many years of teaching physics has taught me to truly appreciate the laws of nature. I’ll be quite honest, I don’t have a passion for Biology in the way that I do physics. (Give me destruction over those boring documentaries anyway), however, I must say this, every time I see the joy in my nieces and nephew’s eyes (my baby one’s) it does bring me joy. To see the little one’s grow up is a beautiful thing…

b. Attack of the killer liberals

I don’t mention often of my suffering that I undergo in the world of academia, mostly because I take suffering with a sense of pride because standing up for the Truth is always noble and worth the earthly blacklisting in several departments (which I’ve managed to do, congrats to me)…Under NO circumstances will I compromise for Truth. The Truth must always be spoken. As I like to say, life was good until I took classes outside math and physics. It’s gotten to the point where it’s actually affecting academia. And some of you ask, why don’t I take action in the senate or something like that? Well, in short, should I expect anyone who denied hundreds of pages of paperwork showing that I got hit by a car and needed classes dropped from my transcript do anything in this regard? Of course not.

i. Montana.

I know I haven’t mentioned much about it…In short, yes, I’ll be moving there. One thing that I realize for me, that it’s crucial to my own well being that I leave the state. I’m not just talking about the nut case liberals. Let’s just say my messed up sinuses aren’t helped by the smog and other “wonderful” toxins thatare in the air. To me it’s of absolute necessity that things slow down around me that I may be quick around them. Now regardless of whether I get accepted into UGF, or MSU GF or not, I’ll still be going…(Yes there’s a contingency plan if that doesn’t happen)…that being hanging around in some mega metropolis called Jordan (okay, Jordan is absolutely not a mega metropolis, but I love the small town life).

ii. The teacher in me…

Part of me really wants to start a business in it. The key to teaching math is the ability to communicate such concepts. However, I’m applying to substitute teach while I’m over there to make certain ends meet. I’ll be taking the GRE and CWORST (aka CBEST) in Dec. Pray that I do well…

so, back to a.v…So, you’re probably asking, is Joe dating the girl in a.v…The answer to that is yes. Of course if you were to have looked, you would of noticed the change in status. I tend to be very quiet about these things…For the purposes of this blog, names will not be mentioned.

so, I should go to a, ii…As i sit and think being the servant of Truth is a very important title to me. I enjoy teaching, i enjoy being the servant of Truth, but as I’ve said, I do not like the attention on me….I was teaching myself the parts of the subdeacon for the EF Mass the other day…(Yes, I like to add to my brain)…One of the things that I love, is the rubric of the humeral veil…Why? Well, I love the fact that NOTHING un-consecrated touches the Sacred Vessels.

d. back to that mystery thing.

The one thing that I prayed for is that if this (being a priest) was your will God, take away the desires from me that hold me away, from being one. Guess what, none of them were taken away. The one thing about my writing, I always qualify any decision with “God willing.” The reason I put this qualification in, is because it’s God’s will that should be done, and not Joe’s will be done.

All, Joe asks for is prayers :)…and before you go all crazy….the answer to the are you still going to Seminary question, is a yes…

Pax Vobis…


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