Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 8, 2009

Pelosi-Obama-care passes house


I’m not going to parse the article as is normal for me mostly because the time to do so does not exist. However, I will state the following points….

1. Do you really trust the Government not to cover abortions? Everyone knows “women’s health” is code word for abortions…I flat out do not trust Pelosi, Obama et crew on this issue. If you think your tax dollars won’t be funding abortions, think again…

2. The Catholic principle of subsidiarity is completely violated with this legislation. The principle of subsidiarity says when feasible a higher power should not decide what can be decided by a lower power. As mentioned in the Compendium…What is opposed to the Church’s social doctrine are economic and social systems that sacrifice the basic rights of persons or that make profit their exclusive norm or ultimate end. For this reason the Church rejects the ideologies associated in modern times with Communism or with atheistic and totalitarian forms of socialism.

a. The health care decisions should be in neither the government’s NOR the insurance companies hands, but rather in the dignity of the individual to make up their own decision. Precisely because of this reason, an individual should have the right to accept or reject the extraordinary means of care.

3. In so far as the ordinary means of healthcare that have been directly deigned by God, these everyone has a right to. To quote from my new favorite US Bishop R. Walker Nickless’s column on healthcare reform “Second, the Catholic Church does not teach that “health care” as such, without distinction, is a natural right. The “natural right” of health care is the divine bounty of food, water, and air without which all of us quickly die. This bounty comes from God directly. None of us own it, and none of us can morally withhold it from others”

a. The what I’ll call extraordinary means of care, what’s being covered in Pelosi/Obamacare is not a right. Why? This is a man made intervention with use of faculties given by God for the use of saving one’s life. That is to say, God didn’t directly give this means. Because God didn’t deign it directly, it’s not a right.

4. To address subsidiarity, they could have just as easily made it so that you can purchase insurance across state lines, just like auto insurance. Also, what could have been done is the elimination of the middle man when it comes the doctor/patient relationship. Having direct payment. Profit isn’t evil, only when greed becomes the ultimate end. As a reminder socialism is against Catholic principles.

a. The mandate to have insurance violates the dignity of the human person to have a well formed conscience to make up their own decisions. The mean of having everyone covered isn’t a bad thing, however the application of it is. The principles above help in both regards.

5. Moderate Democrats? None exist…proof, passage of this idiotic bill.

6. The entire house needs to be sent pink slips in the fall (at least the one’s who voted yes on this)


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