Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 17, 2009

Distractions from vocation?

I’d like to say a little bit about me…

I’m not a person who seeks attention. I actually do not like attention at all. I tend to hide from people and not be very sociable in many situations. I like the attention to be elsewhere, in whatever situation something may be.

A. For what purpose do we have relationships?

If the relationships that we have aren’t for the greater glory of God, why do we have them? I do believe that people come in and out of our lives for a reason. Sometimes people are put in our lives to lead us to a certain goal. Sometimes people are put in our lives to offer us humility. Sometimes people are put in your life to discern the vocation of marriage or religious life.

I’m very blessed to have the friends that I do have in my life. I consider that list very very small. I can count those I consider true friends with my given ability to count to 20 (i.e. fingers and toes) . Each of my friends I believe has a different purpose.

I share a little tid bit about one of my friends. This person loves to ask me to quote Scripture. I love Sacred Scripture…Divine Providence provides my friend with the right Scripture quote for whatever she happens to be going through, it’s a very strange connection, one I’m glad to have. Keeps me constant on the Word of God, as well as keeps fresh in my brain all that Latin/Greek that I’ve self studied on my own. One of those things, I don’t even attempt to explain. Both of us happen to be passionate about our Catholic Faith, and make no apologies for that fact.

I don’t want to say that we’re using one another, that would be be totally wrong, and it doesn’t come off right. Rather, I’d say that the relationship is for the edification of our Faith. Being Catholic in Los Angeles, and Orange Counties is a difficult task (with some of the hierarchy directly participating in the undermining of the Faith), and the support group is definitely needed, it gets VERY discouraging at times.

I’d argue that there’s 3 reasons to maintain a relationship

a. edification…that is the building of the Kingdom of God and for community. Man was not meant to be alone (Gen 2). As much as I attempt to make disprove this, no one can function alone in this world and expect to survive. I mean that NO ONE can expect to survive. It doesn’t matter whether you go all isolation mode, and just use technology…someone had to make the technology for you to use.

b. discernment…if the relationship happens to be romantic…it truly should be discerned, constantly. It should not be such that one seeks only the pleasure aspect of relationship, or just the companionship of another person. Marriage is indeed a vocation that should be pursued if you are with someone. Now if it’s not God’s will that you be married to that person it’s okay, there’s always a good that will come out of it.

c. leisure..since life can’t be all work no play. There should always be functional recreation time for work without play gets a man insane.

B. Was it pursued freely?

Sometimes we’re placed into relationships because of pity, or because of many other reasons. Any relationship that you pursue should be out of your own free will. If you didn’t have free conscience when pursuing a relationship, then perhaps that relationship should be ordered properly. Now thoughts come and pass through my head on many things, but truly I believe that all my relationships are of my own free will…though I sometimes think…

C. so why am I writing this?

Somethings to think about…We’re all called to be in a vocation, some marriage, some consecrated single, some religious, some diocesan priests. We should first seek that vocation, and then seek the means to get to that vocation :). That is to say relationships should be ordered from the One who Created them.


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