Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 18, 2009

DO NOT support CCHD!




  1. VSC: You're welcomeCathy of Alex…I figured the same thing

  2. So Joe, were could we send money?I just saw on the caveman site that theSalvation Army does dealings with Planned Parenthood?!? I'm almost too afraid of sending any to some other 'Catholic' organizations.I'm actually thinking of asking for a beekeepers set from Heifer International for Christmas. (Not really for me, but you get the idea.)

  3. Joe, have you seen this website? They have 'coupons' you can print and drop in the collection basket this sunday, to ensure they get the message. I will be putting ours in our family envelopes. I will not be anonymous. Danielle :)

  4. I tore up our CCHD envelope.

  5. Lola, hmmm, you could support a pour soul trying to leave Ca for the state of Montana…or orthodox religious orders ;)Danielle: Yes, i have seen those, I printed out 10 of themDymphna, awesome

  6. I saw the video earlier via an email from Real Catholic TV. Like Dymphna, I tore up my CCHD envelope.

  7. Robert, awesome, I've decided my money is going to FSSP

  8. The Cuncupescent Campaign for Human Deception.

  9. IR, too true!

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