Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | December 3, 2009

News catch up..

1. Zero effectively saying “screw you” to the troops. h/t to Cavey

Think about this…Not only is there pressure from trying to defeat the terrorists….but there’s 25% less troops, AND only 18 months to do it….3 months for this?

It’s no secret that Obama hates the troops…as if Obama didn’t stick one finger up in the air, here’s another…

2. Tiger Woods “accident”

Wtf were you doing out @ 2 am? Really now, Taco Bell would have delivered for you Tiger…Were you cheating? If you were, you are a complete idiot…yet I must laugh, how did you crash into a hydrant? Crash course in drivers’ ed?

3. Further reason to be Catholic…

It’s much easier to remember a person when the vision of a soul is burning in a fire of purgation…than already in heaven. I don’t like homegoing celebration, or anything like that. Praying for the faithfully departed is a good act which should be done, Catholic…protestant…whatever.



  1. 1. You might find John T Reeds take on the West Point speech interesting. I'm embarrased for Tiger. 3. The greatest charity of all, remembering our departed. One of my favorite commentators on the news and current events. So glad you're back!

  2. Lola, I'm glad to be back in the modern world. I liked the link to John T Reed. I believe that he was on point

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