Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | December 7, 2009

We’ve become a nation of Whimps

::Warning harsh language, etc::

a. In March of this year I believe is the first time we heard of the Glorified Regular Flue. (aka. Swine, or H1N1, wtf you want to call it, I really don’t care)…I’ve NEVER seen such ridiculousness coming out of people in years…I know the government is out to try and police you, but I swear…

…down every bathroom “To prevent the spread of flu, wash your hands” in every corner of the bathrooms, around school, etc.

And it gets me thinking….When the f has THE FLU scared so many people? I mean seriously , we touch, hand hold, everything outside of the Church, and inside Church, supress the sign of Peace (which I’m for by the way, but I’m mentioning this for example), supress Communion on the Tongue as well as the receiving under the Chalice in fear of spreading THE FLU. (As if Bio 101 wasn’t enough to tell you this fear was stoopid)…what happened to the days when priests were willing to die for the Faithful just to bring them Holy Communion? Many priests died during the plauge…just to give Communion to the Faithful (and not on the hand either)

b. We have a president who talks WAAAAY too much (understatement of the moment). If I was anywhere near Zero, I’d walk with one of those giant crosiers and use it to yank him off stage. I’m sorry, that’s what he gets for canceling a Charlie Brown Christmas!

c. We have an obviously flawed heath care bill, and people can be bought off with x dollars. What happened to the good old days when people would mean what they say? So much for integrity…

Rant suspended…



  1. Hi Joe-I've been trying to figure out why taking communion on the Tongue would spread it anyway. I payed extra attention tonight when we were at Mass (the Church was so beautiful and glow-y at night, we usually are only there in the morning) and I noticed how far from me the host was when the priest said "Body of Christ." When I said "amen" his hand was nowhere near my mouth (since that pretty much the only argument I'd heard). I just don't get it. I guess we're lucky no one has mentioned it or tried to enforce it here. I am thankful for the hand holding ban. it drives me crazy (as you already know). It hasn't worked here, but I feel less weird keeping my hands clasped in front of me since Father made the announcement. It's like I have an excuse (I sound like such a wimp, reading that back to myself). Great blog, by the way. I love the name.

  2. Hi Joe, Actually, the H1N1 is more of an airborne virus, so if your around someone with it, there isn't much YOU can do. Even face masks aren't very effective, due to the small size of the virus. Gargling, will help. Now, with the regular flu, yeah, just keep washing… I would just add, there are many medical miracles out there, thanks be to God!, like my preemie boy, Alex, who was born at 26 weeks, weighing only 1 lb, 6 oz. As a result, there are more people, who have compromised systems out there then ever before. People with compromised systems are much more susceptible to serious serious illness due to any virus, and hence, extra caution is necessary. Anyway, step away from anyone coughing… lol. Have a great night, Joe. Danielle

  3. Like Cam, I haven't figured out how taking Communion on the tongue could possibly spread the flu faster than by the hand…..besides,are they talking about the priest giving the receiver the flu or the receiver giving the priest the flu?

  4. What's a whimp? :-)W

  5. Cam, my husband keeps his hands clasped, and his head down in prayers, during non=ban times. lol, i can't believe i just said that.Works for him, although, I am usually wrangling the kids… lol.

  6. Hi Cam :)…I too have yet figure out how the glorified flu can be spread by the Communion on the Tongue….The Hand holding ban I wouldn't mind if it was 'indefinately suspended" or supressed too. Thanks for the complements :)Hi Danielle :)Which is exactly why all this hype is completely overrated…:)I was also a premie baby interesting enough :)Robert…it doesn't matter, our priests should die for us anyway :PWarren: The attitude of many in the case of the glorified flu (H1N1, swine, whatever) is whimpish 🙂

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