Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | December 27, 2009

Attempted Terror Attacks



  1. Joe, you need a better mike… can't really hear you!! Or is it me??

  2. My dh said this was the "trial" run.I'm not holding my breath either waiting on even one Saudi Cleric speaking out against this. And the best part? The Saudis own so much of the US… It's like watching a chess match.You wouldn't happen to have any mathematical theories that could produce cold fusion? Make H2O run a car for less than a million dollars? It sure would come in handy right now.

  3. SM: Could be both, lol, I don't know what the volume settings were…;)Lola, yeps, that was the trial run. I'm not holding out on it either, of course they're funding most of this stuff anyway. Well, I do have a few math formulas in my head, I think perhaps I should put them to public use.

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