Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | January 2, 2010

Patron Saint of 2010

There’s a new poll on who should be Verbum Veritatis Patron Saint for 2010. I couldn’t list all the Saints, but I listed a few if you have suggestions, please write here in the comments.

Basicallly the role of the Patron will be once or twice a month, I’ll feature a Saints’ work and attempt to apply it to the modern Church today 🙂 as well as for intercession for this blog…

Have fun voting, the poll closes 1/16/10 at 11:59 PM




  1. How about Venerable Pius XII, or are you looking at those who have been declared Blessed or have been Canonized.

  2. cuaguy: ven Pius XII is acceptable 🙂

  3. Someone totally copied what I did on my blog…

  4. Emmy, Yes, I proudly stole your idea :p, at least my Saints are for the most part different, lol…We'll have our celebratory day sometime this year, hahaha.

  5. Any of the above, but I'm partial to the coolest name: Ambrose.St. Therese will continue to pray for you and your mission on the Bloggosphere, a little extra help from another wouldn't hurt…

  6. Lola, thanks for your vote :), Ambrose is an awesome name, if I was to ever have children or take a religious name, I'd likely use Ambrose

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