Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | January 6, 2010

Places I want to visit this year

North Carolina
New York

(Not in any particular order)…

Not that there’s anyone I want to visit in those states 😉



  1. come to Australia for a visit too and we will put you up.

  2. Aussie: If I can afford it, I'd be more than happy to visit. I wanted to come to WYD for Juventutem, but I couldn't afford it

  3. If you're ever in Boston, let me know as I'd like to buy you a beer.

  4. If you're ever in Boston, Please let me know, as I'd like to buy you a beer.

  5. Hope you get everything you are hoping for this year!If you make it to Florida…See St. Augustine, see Sacred Heart in downtown Tampa…Let us know and we'll take you to the Ale House! The have a couple in Orlando, a couple in Tampa, a few more smattered around the state.

  6. Jonboy, I( willLola I will be visiting those places I hope, I'm looking forward to vacation time

  7. Michigan is always nice, because it makes you appreciate your own home even more.j/k – there are plenty of beautiful spots around here. Plus a couple awesome parishes.

  8. LarryD, if I have the funds, I just might show up

  9. I cannot believe Utah is not on the list! (LOL)

  10. RJW: It's given that I'll be driving through there again. I went there last year on my way to Montana. I've met Tara, Jim and Fr Erik :)…I only listed places I've never been before 🙂

  11. Boston is on my wishlist of places to go this year. I'd like to go in the fall.I hope you are able to check a few places off your list. 🙂

  12. Molly, I hope so too, so much to do, so little time 🙂

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