Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | January 16, 2010

MLK Day Rant

**Warning, harsh language alert, etc**

I know Martin Luther King was an important contributor to the civil rights movement and all that good stuff, that being said….

I truly think that MLK day (and for that matter Black History Month, and every other culturally sensitive history month) contributes to the culture of reverse racism that’s affluent in many (not all) African American communities.

Because of it, non-African Americans are taught about MLK, and usually compelled (indoctrinated) to feel pity towards the African American community for what happened during the civil rights era, and after the civil war. (Hence why Zero got elected, I’d say very few people actually agreed with the SUBSTANCE of Zero’s policies)

I know this may surprise some people, but for the most part those that were involved with the Jim Crow Laws, the repression are either ridiculously old or dead, pick one.

These laws, the atrocities that happened during that era were absolutely wrong and horrific in some cases. But fact of the matter is we as a community NEED TO MOVE ON! from these things.

We have not come a long ways from those days of old believe it or not. As much as I’d love to tell you that we’ve moved as a society from the old slave days, we haven’t. Why? We’re enslaved to the government. Over the past 40 years or so (actually longer), we’ve slowly but surly been indoctrinated (not all, but many) to the right to entitlement of certain things.

These are but not limited to the following:

a. The right to retribution: That is to say the government owes us for past mistakes made by INDIVIDUALS (for the most part). First thing, the government owes you nothing. Do you REALLY place your faith in the government? Were they not the ones that had those laws passed? Why would you expect them to treat you any differently? As I’ve said previously, many of those that did the atrocities, are now ridiculously old, or dead. In otherwords, THERE”S NO WAY TO GET RETRIBUTION EVEN IF YOU WANTED TO.

b. a right to (insert thing) because you’re black (or any other minority for that matter): aka Affirmative action. There are many things that are insulting to me, Affirmative action is one of them. I believe that you should be measured objectively against people and race nor gender should come into play at all. It’s as if to say I can’t jump as high as you in the (insert thing) world because I’m this skin color. Besides for the ridiculousness of that, why should the bars be lowered for you.

Newsflash, you can’t force people to get something that they don’t want….(Though the federal government is trying with deathcare reform).

The Rooney Rule in football is the rule that a minority candidate must be interviewed before a hire can be made.

Once you send in your resume for the job, it’s up to the individual company what to do with that resume. (As the current system is set up). Now do I think an interview should be a requirement? Absolutely, why? Simple, you can’t really get to know a person via a piece of paper. Not all companies do this, but they’re private, and don’t have that obligation to do that. That said though, once that resume is sent, it’s pray hope that they call you based upon the objective things that are on your resume for whatever job you’re applying for. (Hence why my personal resume is ridiculously specific). Bottom line, people will hire who they want to hire, that’s how it works. It works the same way in real life whether with friends, or what not. We confide in those that we’re comfortable talking to, if we’re not, we don’t tell them information. Why in the world would you expect the work place to be different? The same human conditions that run society are also in the workplace as well.

c. a right to recognition: You already know that once Zero in chief’s presidency is over, Nov 4th is going to become a national holiday marking the election of a black president in history. Not everything that happens in the world needs to be recognized. For those of you that know me in real life, you know that I’m not a person who seeks attention, or recognition for anything that I do, I do my best to deflect things away from me, whether it’s by saying “God willing’ or being very self critical of my own talents. What are they going to do, have a holiday for everything that Obama did? Holiday for the first black president to increase the debt to the country? First black person to usurper the office of the president (You don’t really buy that he was born in Hawaii crap, do you? I mean SERIOUSLY ;)), and the litany goes on and on. This has carried on into every other culture as well, Cesar Chavez Day (since when did we get Cesar Chavez day off?)…The government is effectively creating a wall when it comes to the many cultures that they’re trying to appease. A simple life lesson that I was taught (very slowly) was that you CAN NOT APPEASE EVERYONE! (As much as we try to on occasion)

This has even crept into the Church, that by allowing the Mass in the vernacular in the Western Church, what has happened effectively is that a wall has been created between the various cultures that are in the Church. Effectively disuniting the Church in many regards. The Spanish will only pray with the Spanish, the English will only pray with the English, etc. Go to your local parishes, I dare you to find something different than what I’m saying. Latin is a dead language which united people of all cultures to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. You could go anywhere on earth and find Mass offered in exactly the same way. Now you’re lucky if you can go parish to parish and see Mass offered the same way.

I would wish you a happy MLK day, but this is a Catholic blog, and we don’t celebrate protestants here…So instead I’ll wish you a happy Feast of the chair of St Peter at Rome, and Commemoration of St Paul and St Prisca (old calender)….



  1. I'm with you.

  2. WOW! Very well put.FWIW, the mindset of victimhood is found in other ethnic groups. My father's family were of Irish extraction, even after 150 years in this country there would still be talk of persecution by the English. The wife's uncle (Cajun to the bone) swears all Yankees are out to take over the South. Upon first hearing that, my response of, "Yeah, they teach us that in school." went unheeded.I've also noticed far too many American Jews cite the Holocuast at the drop of a hat. It's almost to the point of, "My father's first girlfriend's second cousin had a former teacher who went to Auschwitz and BY GOLLY, I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!"The victimhood mindset is all over. And it's always a pain in the neck (or lower).

  3. Dymphna, awesome :)Subvet, indeed so, when will the culture get rid of the victimhood mindset, i have no idea.

  4. You are THE MAN!

  5. Some sanity at last.

  6. Phil, thanks for commenting, welcome to the blog, I try to provide sanity, haha

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