Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | January 25, 2010

WFL Reflections

WFL Reflections

For the 2nd year in a row I went to the Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco aka Sodom by the Bay. The rain was rather annoying, but the weather people lied since it wasn’t supposed to rain but did. (I’m guessing for those 2 bows in the Roman Mass that was offered instead of genuflecting). The Route changed for this year. It was not anywhere near uphill as the last one was. It was for the most part flat. I was pleasured to meet a couple of plurk friends MrsMontoya and Rachel from plurk during the walk and we were able to walk together defending life. The protestors for the walk were few and far between. (I guess they were too busy contracepting themselves out of existence)

After the walk I was able to meet a facebook friend of mine Brenda. Her kids are abdorable, as a huge fan of kids, I love their curiosity. I think the girl had a crush on me (it’s cute now, lol, afraid I’d have to lay down the law if it were any of my Confirmation students (oh wait, I can’t that’d get me in big trouble, LOL!). We went to Mass at Our Lady of Peace shrine. Though we were late, Mass was offered in ordinance with the rubrics and the Communion rails were used and the majority received at the rail and on the tongue. The final blessing was done in ordinance with the rubrics. In the Diocese of San Jose, it’s definitely a place to go to. It is staffed by the Institute of the Incarnate Word. From what it seems, they’re holy priests and have good things going at the shrine. The statue of Our Lady is huge, 32 feet, I have pictures. I would of loved to hang out longer, but I had to be back before 8 so the bus wouldn’t ditch me 😉

I guess next time I’m up in San Fran, we’ll have to do a little more J

I also met a couple of ladies that go to my parish in Alhambra, Coleen and Augusta. Truth be told, I always noticed Augusta at the parish. I failed to introduce myself to her on several occasions. I’m glad that I finally was able to introduce myself to her. She’s the sister of one of the servers at the parish. Indeed she supports the TLM and the Mantilla. While yes, she’s great to look at, before anything could even happen, I’d have to have her number, which I don’t, LOL!….Some people call it prudence…I call it not setting myself up.

All in all I had a great time at the walk for life once again. I’ll be back next year once again. (I hope to go to the east coast one next year, we’ll see)


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