Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | January 26, 2010

Musings on Mahony’s replacement

I’m praying for whomever the successor to Cardinal Mahony…

However, there does exist a short list of things he’ll need to fix in a heartbeat.

*The Pouring of the Precious Blood after consecration with glass kool-aid pitchers
*Liturgical dancing
*heretical priests
*changing the words of the Mass
*unworthy vessels for Mass
*St John’s Seminary
*lack of vocations
*Religious Ed Congress
*Other things I’m sure you all can think of but are not coming to my mind.

Current Bishop’s (who actually have a possibility of coming) who’d be excellent

Bp. Vasa Diocese of Baker, OR
Bp. Nickless Diocese of Sioux City, IA
Bp. Schneider Diocese of Karaganda* (I can dream can’t I, the house really needs to be cleaned)
Abp Chaput Archdiocese of Denver
Abp Gomez Archdiocese of San Antonio

I’ll continue with this entry later..



  1. Great news for you suffering souls.Will be praying for a strong orthodox bishop to replace Cardinal M.

  2. Julie: Me too…we need some counsel in this vale of tears that is Los Angeles

  3. Similar issues here in Rochester: us pray for each other's diocese. ~Dr. K

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