Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | February 7, 2010

I see a paypal donation thingy at your blog, what’s it for?

For those of you that have actually read this pathetic excuse for a blog, know that i have been struggling like crazy figuring out what God wants of me, (I’ll also be posting my vocation story to accompany this post in the coming days)

I’m very self sufficient and when possible, i pay for things myself. I despise asking people for money, I despise borrowing money, I despise credit, all that. However, I tend forget the basic physics principle “many hands make light work” and being efficient with work is something I like to be.

Fact of the matter is I’m a ridiculously poor college student/ta/catechist and can barely afford to pay attention, let alone make copies or anything else. How I manage is a miracle in of itself.

To help you get to know who you are donating to…I figure I’ll give you a little bit about me.

I’m 24 years old.
Managed to work his way free from his public school indoctrination
I go to Mass at least 3 times a week.
My favourite prayers are the Angelus in Latin as well as the Divine Mercy, Rosary and prayers to St Therese
I’ve taught Confirmation for the past 5 years.
I support the Church with my time since I’m super poor.
I’m 100% pro-Life
I support Church teaching 100%
I have absolute fidelity to the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI
I believe that I should be in clerics unless being in clerics is counterproductive to my mission.
I will not monkey around with Holy Mass period.
I will celebrate both forms with the mind of Holy Church.
I do hope to be bi-ritual
I am far from perfect

Are you going to be supporting one of those liberal nutcase seminarians? Absolutely not…Here’s where I stand on the issues of the Church.

1. Holy Liturgy-Both the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary form are valid expressions of the Roman Rite. They are both 100% Catholic (in spite of the digging you must do in the OF). I believe that Mass should strictly be said in accordance to the rubrics of Holy Roman Church.

There are certain portions of the Mass that should always be in Latin. These are the Kyrie (Greek transcription), Gloria, Sanctus, Words of Consecration, Pater noster, Agnus Dei. All else may be in the vernacular.

Options should always be done in mind with Holy Church’s Tradition. SO therefore I would only use Option A, (I confess), Greeting D (The Lord be with you), pray brethren, prayers of the faithful would be skipped and there would be no exchange of the sign of peace.

Holy Communion is the expression of Our Lex Credendi as well, I therefore believe that Communion should be received directly on the tongue and kneeling for those that are able to kneel and receive that way. I also support Communion by Intinction to be a “fuller sign” according to the CCC.

All announcements will be made before Mass as to not interfere with the Liturgy.

Gregorian Chant and the propers are a must :). I believe that the Holy Liturgy on Sundays should be sung in full, (that’s everything), and weekday Masses should have less solemnity.

2. Confession…Saving souls is the number one mission of the Church I therefore would make myself available for confession a minimum of 10 hours during M-F in addition to the traditional Saturday confessions. I would use the Sacarament formulae in Latin. Confession should be offered way more than the 45 min per Saturday.

3. Theology: Thoughts must always be in line with Holy Church, it’s much better to let the Saints’ speak than my own words. I will submit to the Holy Church in all opinions. I believe what the Church teaches, I breathe what the Church teaches, I do my best to live what the Church teaches.

4 Clerics: I believe that a priest should be identifiable always. My style is of course cassock and zulchetto. You can expect to find me in cassock and zulchetto always. Even as seminarian 🙂

5. Vestments: The most beautiful possible. God is worth every penny in the world :)…I’ll share some that I like later 🙂

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