Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | February 10, 2010

Green Police: If Zero actually does this, blame Audi



  1. I didn't watch the Superbowl, but I heard a lot about this ad (from Boortz and Limbaugh). Glad you posted the video….really funny.

  2. Glad you liked it, I was going to be a trad Bishop for halloween this year, this commerical changed my mind, of course I'll be mocking the green movement, not supporting it

  3. I thought it was funny, but only to a point. Why? Because I've heard that this sort of thing happens in Britian right now.

  4. Lola, that's probably why I laughed so hard when I saw the commercial, it wouldn't be beneath the government to do something like this. Those ugly squiggly bulbs will be mandatory in 2014, part of this commercial will likely come true…Hopefully Zero will be gone by then and someone who doesn't care about the green movement will be in 🙂

  5. I'm going to stock up on those incandescent bulbs. I can't help but think that those cfls/leds "law" could be repealed.I just know that we're going to have a "mercury" poisoning issue in the near future.

  6. Parts of that commercial were close to reality in San Francisco, according to KNTV.One moment in particular resonated with San Franciscans: A man standing at a sink prepares to dump a rind in his sink's disposal unit — an act ostensibly banned by San Francisco's new composting mandate, one of Mayor Gavin Newsom's many green initiatives. […]The locally conceived advertisement was enough to get Newsom, who has pushed for the type of recycling and composting mandates that give the spot its believably authoritarian edge, was moved to tweet, "Ok .. That "green police" Audi commercial hits home."If Zero actually does this, though, he's just following the lead of Newsome and other such big city leftists.

  7. Lola, unfortunately I don't think the present people in charge will make that happen :(USMC 9971, yeps, that's true, there is a form of the "green police" in San Fran. it wouldn't be beneath the government to go worldwide with this type of thing.

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