Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | February 14, 2010

Lenten plan for 2010

The order of creation was made good. That is to say very few things in the world are intrinsic evils. For those of you that know me I have a real appreciation for order, beauty and all things transcendent.

I run a blog called Liturgical Purgatory in which I chronicle the Liturgical happenings of whereever I happen to be for Mass on a particular day or what not.

So My thus self inflicted lenten penance…is skipping the Liturgical sanctuary that is my home parish…and thus doing the following…

Head out to the parishes with the craziest Liturgies on Sundays…The schedule will be posted on Ash Weds.



  1. Mass should never be penance and in any case Sundays between Ash Wed. and Holy Saturday are not part of Lent. Why not pray for those parishes in your home parish instead of posting about their follies for us to laugh at?

  2. Angela M, of course I shall be praying for the parishes I visit (it also accomplishes me wanting to visit parishes)…I'm also making the next Bishops' job a bit easier by chronicling these things. Basically it's a swallowing of Liturgical Pride, and the practice of charity, praying for the various parishes. (I'm about to take a nap, I'm not feeling too great right now)…more detail is coming soon.

  3. That, and I'm one of those that needs concrete evidence of what's going on, so I know what specifically to pray for 🙂

  4. Is mine on your list?

  5. SC, yes, it is.

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