Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | April 6, 2010

Some thoughts on the Church in LA, and a few solutions…

Sometime in the near future LA will have a coadjutor Bishop named for the diocese. (Keep in mind we’re talking Church time, so who knows when he’ll actually be named). The challenge that the Bishop will be given is one that even I would be hesitant about taking on.

a. Crisis in Liturgy:

All of you have had the chance to see WREC (or the Sacrilegious Education Congress) closing Liturgy video, I’m sure, and to save your computer screens from being punched, I will not link the video. What you saw in that video is effectively the practical norm of the archdiocese…Ab libs in the Liturgy and the Pouring of the PRECIOUS BLOOD after it’s been consecrated in the glass kool-aid pitcher, and poured with such wreckless abandon into auxilary chalices (sometimes glass sometimes not). These abuses have gone unadressed for MANY years. It is the Holy Liturgy that allows us to be at the footsteps of Calvary. Every action of the Holy Liturgy is there for a reason, and helps to make manifest the Holy Trinity as well as the mysteries of Calvary. Liturgical Dance, Pouring of the Precious Blood, ab libs, do not assist in making these mysteries manifest for the faithful.

b. vocation suicide

There was a priest who was offering Mass at a parish who came from Nigeria. He sung the preface in Latin, and did the words of Consecration in Latin. One parishoner complained to the Bishop, and he (the priest) got kicked out the diocese because he used that devisive language called Latin. In another situation, a priest came into a parish and eliminated Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion as well as moved the Tabernacle back to the center and Communion in the Hand. A few parishoners complained to the Bishop and this time around the Bishop did nothing, he said that the priest was acting in the norms of the Roman Church and there was nothing that he could do.

For someone that say is a lover of all things Latin and traditional, can you imagine what damage this will do to their vocation if they find out that Latin gets you exiled? (And in case you’re wondering, yes, I am the person that I’m referring to). There is ONE seminary in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, count that ONE, and a bad one at that. Effectively, sending the seminarians to said seminary is committing priestly suicide. (This is not to say that there aren’t good priests coming out of there). The theology that’s being taught is far from Catholic. To be in a situation where you have to suppress orthodoxy until you get ordained is rather sad to me. Who wants to be a priest in a climate like this? Not me that’s for sure.

c. crisis in Faith

Cardinal Mahony has overseen the wreckovation of many Churches in the Archdiocese (there are a few that were spared this fate). Jesus has been abandoned, placed in places where you can’t find him, no obedience to the 2nd Vatican Council, which did not order any of these wreckovations to take place…(which by the way you should be praying against a planned wreckovation that’s going to occur at St Charles Borremeo in North Hollywood). The “authority” of the USCCB has been taken to new heights. For years we’ve been taught amnesty for illegal immigrants, heterodox Catholicism, (see Religious Education Congress). What has been passed on as the Catholic Faith here in LA, is nothing more man made religion.

I could write more, but I’d rather focus on the solutions for said crisis that the Church in LA.

1. Restoration of Holy Liturgy in the Roman Tradition. Celebrating the Mass in line with the rubrics of Holy Roman Church would be a great start. A ceasing and desisting to the pouring of the Precious Blood after the Consecration is a must as well.Catechesis on the Liturgy must be done for priests and laity that they know what truly is going on at Liturgy. A requirement of reading “Spirit of the Liturgy” by then Cardinal Ratzinger would be good.

2. Establishment of EF Parishes within the Archdiocese of LA. It used to be that Traditional Masses were set up as far away as possible. Heck, getting to my parish is about 30-45 min drive on most sundays. Tradition has been supressed for far too long.

3. Establishment of minor seminary. This will help boost voacations by ten fold. Of course you need to fill the seminary with orthodox priests and such.

4. House cleaning of the entire diocesean offices. That goes without saying

5. Priestly Identity by wearing clerics of some type. It doesn’t have to be full cassock and zulchetto, but the collar is a must, while we’re at it, let’s get the nuns back in habits too.

6. Re structuring of the REC..Enough Said



  1. Joe,

    It is Archbishop Jose Gomez of San Antonio, Texas an Opus Dei Priest at that.

    I hope that is Happy Times for you.

    • Happy times indeed here, I look forward to it

  2. Amen! Especially to your fifth solution.

    • LA has a ton of problems, brick by brick

  3. Do you think that maybe if some of the above is instituted, you might chose to stay in L.A,?

    • It would definately make me re consider staying here in LA that’s for sure 🙂

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