Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | April 7, 2010

My thoughts on the new Archbishop of Los Angeles

Let me welcome Archbishop Gomez to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, as announced today by VIS and CNA

My thoughts are as follows:

a. The Church in LA as a whole lacks catechesis especially with the Latino community on the basics of our Faith. That is to say many think it’s just a cultural thing, you come for Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Funeral, Christmas, Easter, and that’s it. As I’ve been reading on his writings and profile, I noticed that he was apart of the Spanish Language Bible Commission. I think this is a major plus for the population here in LA. I hope that the new archbishop will put time into this area of catechising the Faithful on the Faith. For many years people have been taught a version of the Faith that is far from Catholic.

b. The fact that he’s a Latino is a plus for the near 70% Latino population that we have here. I hope that as result of this situation that this will invite more people to get their butts to Mass on the other Sundays in the year besides Christmas and Easter. He’s conservative and teaches the Catholic Faith as I’ve read from his homilies via his website. I don’t know if anyone from San Antonio, TX reads my pathetic excuse for a blog, but if they want to chime in with their experiences with the Archbishop, I’d love to hear from you.

c. The immigration system is broken, from what I hear and have had the chance to read, the position of the Archbishop is that illegals should be punished, but not by deportation. Which I personally can side with. I do know people who are in this situation and have done many good things for the society. There are tons of myths about immigration, (and also tons about Catholic teaching on immigration, the Church teaching does NOT support amnesty for all illegals, sorry). which I’ll take time to go over one of these days. But the fact that he is pro some type of reform shouldn’t tick off too many people from the left.

d. Vocations in his diocese are at higher levels than they were before he arrived. He seems to place an emphasis on formation of priests and that’s a good thing. I hope that he will open a minor seminary to help with the vocations crisis. Some of his diocesan priests say the TLM, which means there will no longer be a barrier preventing priests from saying the TLM (there’s been a de facto suppression of the TLM by diocesan priests in LA (the only priests that say TLM’s in Los Angeles are Religious priests), I for one look forward to this. I hope that he’s able to put a TLM in every deanery to give better access to the TLM. He doesn’t seem that he’s going to obstruct the TLM, which is good for the Faithful that are attached to the TLM.

e. I did have the chance to watch the Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass shown on EWTN from the wreckovated Cathedral of San Fernando (I’m guessing that he did not order the wreckovation of the Cathedral), and Mass was offered reverently and by the books. I hope that he’s able to bring order to Liturgy around Los Angeles, especially the pouring of the Precious Blood after the Consecration in many parishes. Also kneeling after the Agnus Dei I hope will be restored here in Los Angeles too. (I know there are still a couple parishes that still do, including my own)

f. From reading his homilies, they’re very orthodox and Catholic in nature. I hope that he’s able to bring reform to the REC, or flat out abolish it, whichever is easiest.

Effectively, the Pope with this appointment of Archbishop Gomez is saying to Cardinal Mahony, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Thanks for your time, go away and retire. I don’t agree with Cardinal Mahony on every issue, but I will definitely be praying for him as he prepares for his exit.

Thanks to Vincenzo for the photo: below

But you know something, I couldn’t help but think of this song…(I know corny, but I can’t help myself)

25 years of terror done, but be sure to pray for His Eminence and Archbishop Gomez as well 🙂



  1. Great commentary! You should write Archbishop Gomez a letter of your thoughts, I’m sure he would be grateful to know what he is getting into and how to bring about good changes!

    • Thank you Anthony, I plan to give him a copy of my thoughts, i also plan to go to the Mass of welcome and personally meet him.

  2. Hi Joe.
    Can you explain more about the “pouring of the precious blood after the Consecration”, as I am unfamiliar with anything wrong with that. (Not saying it is correct, just never heard there was a problem with it).

    • I don’t know if your parish does this, but at many parishes during the offertory, they’ll bring up a giant cool aid pitcher filled with wine to pour in the auxillary chalices. The rubrics of the Mass say that you’re supposed to pour the wine before it’s been consecrated into the auxillary chalices. If you see the REC video either on Fr Z’s blog, you’ll see what I’m talking about. The act is very sacreligious and undermines our Faith in the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucahrist 🙂

  3. My guess, my parish probably does it the “wrong way” although, I will have to pay more attention. I close my eyes a lot, because I find the liturgical distractions and abuses tend to undermine MY charitable nature.
    Gosh, still learning… every day.
    Thanks Joe.

    • Unfortunately i notice the lines on the trees in the forest, so I notice all the details, sometimes I wish I didn’t know all the liturgical rubrics that I know, lol. I try to concentrate on Jesus, but it’s way hard when the rubrics of the Mass aren’t followed :p

      • You don’t get to close your eyes as much as I do… plus, you aren’t wrangling 2 brats, i mean angels. 😉
        keep up the great job Joe!

      • Thanks Danielle :), haha, kids are angels sometimes :p

  4. Something tells me that you’re so used to finding fault that you’ll be disappointed with Archbishop Gomez before too long when he doesn’t act as you think he should on a given issue. Pray for your bishop always.

    • Of course, certianly we should always pray for our hierarchy especially the Pope and the Bishops. Of course I’m going to be patient as he “settles in” That will be hard, but that’s because I have a very tight leash on things, but that’s a defect of me, not on the Bishop 🙂

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