Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | April 16, 2010

Annoyance rant….

Don’t look for any theological profoundness in thls blog entry for today, today is a really short but necessary rant.

Dear said person:

1. When I say I’m knee deep in research, I’m knee deep in it. Just because I complain about my school, does NOT mean I’m not doing anything. When I say I’m at school, I’m at school, and because said DSL decides NOT to work between the hours of whenever it quits (it’s a different time each night) and about 5 am, I actually decide to God forbid, stay at school and get some research done (at least until the school closes at 2 am), God forbid I actually use all the time I can when I get the opportunity. I’m not out dating, I’m not out sleeping with a girl or guy for that matter, I’m not out getting drunk, I’m not out in gang activity, I’m AT SCHOOL…That’s it, nothing more, nothing less, THAT’S IT!

2. Just because I stay at a guy’s house DOES NOT mean that HE’S (or ME) IS HOMOSEXUAL. I’m SICK OF THAT. I know being Catholic is a strange thing to you since you’re not, let me help…Co-habitation is WRONG, a NO NO, forbidden. Staying at the guys’ house is just like having roommates, NOTHING EVIL HAPPENS. It’s very discouraging to my attempts to discern my vocation when you’re saying things like this. I’m trying to live a life somewhat free of sin (and even though I fail), hearing these things makes it much harder. I try ao avoid going to the confessional as much as I can.

3. The Church does NOT force me to do anything. I do what I do for the Church because I FREELY WILL such things to happen. Even though ti’s a ton of work for me, I ENJOY what I’m doing. No, it’s not getting brownie points for heaven, it’s merely using what my talents are for the greater good. I like my work with the teens, I love teaching Confirmation and all things Catholic, I give this gift freely to the Church in return for what she does for me. It is my baptismal call to live out the things I’ve been taught, and to teach what I’ve been given. I do NOT have any kids of my own, so what do I do instead? Teach the teens Confirmation.

4. There are greater things than earthly pleasures or even for that matter having a physical family. I desire heavenly things, even if I don’t always live up to these desires. I prefer to keep my work under wraps, not because I don’t wish to speak about it, but because a conclusion hasn’t been reached. Unlike other people I actually prefer to do work in secret, It may not be your way of doing things, oh well, you’re not me.

5. The Graces when you signed the dotted line are now showing up. When you agreed to have me baptized in the Roman Catholic Faith. The priest should have made you aware that a priestly vocation is possible, as well as a love for Christ and His Church. One of the things that happens, when you have enough people praying for you, you start to cooperate with that grace that’s been given to you by Christ Himself through the various Sacraments, that is what has happened to me.

6. I’ve been quite diplomatic about certain things, especially when it comes to politics and religion, and said g/f sleeping over. I know I’ll have to answer for it on Jday, but my approach has been, want free rent, so let you do your thing, don’t bother me, all works out. My aunt is right, family is the hardest to convert, I’m praying for your conversion anyway.

In conclusion, me being Catholic won’t change. What my vocation is, Ask God…as the answer hasn’t been revealed to me yet. What you want to know about the Catholic Faith, ask and I shall teach, who knows, that could be you sitting in the front pew of my first Mass, who knows. I hope it would be.

Pax Vobis

Said other person who liveth in the house.



  1. B-R-E-A-T-H-E =)

    And trust in the Immaculate Heart of Mary for your spiritual security, and that she’ll take care of her wayward son-to-be.

    And Joe, this looks like I could have written it – the attacks for school, for not dating, for discernment, for actually believing the Faith we were baptized and raised in, etc. I know what you are going through. School and church activities are fully consuming, but they are things we choose to delve into, & that makes all the difference. May God reward you for uplifting chastity and seeking it out in a world that’s depraved.

    & Congrats for your Confirmandi

    • Slowly trying to breathe, sometimes I forget to do that when I’m yelling :p

      Trusting in the IHM and SHJ for my protection until moving day…

      It’s good to know I’m not the only one going through this. It’s such a joy to do everything, yet such difficulty to do such with such opposition.

      Thank you for your support, without the prayers from all my friends, I think I would have fallen down much harder than I have, lol

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