Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | April 18, 2010

“black” Catholic evangelization…Fr Pfleger…and well…yeah.

I know all of you have been following the Catholic news on this Fr Pfleger character receiving an award from Cardinal George of Chicago. (I’ve been busy being in and out of town and haven’t had chance to comment fully on this..

a. Effectively, most of the attempts at “black” evangelization are “We think you’re too stupid to handle a regular Mass with no Liturgical Abuse, so we do our best to make it just like the Protestant background” (You know, the same thing they do with the teens)

b. Seeing sites like St Sabina’s scares the living daylights out of me. No mention of the words Mass, Confession, Devotions, nothing Catholic. I would of thought it was protestant if I didn’t know any better.

c. Fr Pfleger needs a course in the Spiritual works of Mercy again. We don’t do these things for praise and honour, we do them for the simple fact that Jesus commanded us to do so, and our love for God flows the love of neighbor, that is to say, charity.

d. This guy needs to be defrocked, his faculties removed, I could even make a case for Cardinal George needing to go at this point. If you’re trying to avoid schism, I’ll take the parish Your Eminence, the parishoners won’t be mad because of my race (they’ll be mad after they find out I’m a loyal son to the Church, but, we’ll cross that bridge when we’ll get to it ;))

e. Cults of personality are exactly what’s avoided when you move people. He should have been moved after the 6 year period.

f. There are sinners in the Church, I’m so surprised…not!



  1. Joe I think you just might have found a calling.

    I hope you’re a White Sox fan.

    The good think about St. Sabinas, other than the super cool Saint name, the congregation is for the most part Catholic Already! The youth would just love the Truth and probably welcome it along with all the Grace with open arms.

    I’m adding St. Sabinas Parish to my prayer list.

  2. Lola, if God wills such :), (though I’m a Seattle Mariner fan, I don’t know how well that’d fit in, but I’m a huge fan of Ozzie Guillen)

    Yes, they’d be Catholic, I’d have to fix what they’ve received of course, but the foundation’s already there.

    It’d be a matter of getting ordained, i might be a little too Catholic :p

  3. Fr. Pfleger has caused a big problem for whoever follows him as pastor.

    The beautiful thing about the extraordinary form was that it did not allow the priest to impose himself on the liturgy and make himself the focus. Nor did it balkanize the Mass so that every ethnic group has to have their own litrugy. The value of the TLM is that it is the same everywhere.

    To me, it seems that there is a stereotype in the media, society, and Fr. Pfleger’s mind that black people in general need a different type of preaching and music and even an entirely different liturgy. But, while it may be the case that some Catholics who are black are converts from Protetsantism, that does not mean Catholic priests should make Mass like a Protestant service. There are legitimate ways to honor culture outside the Mass!

    But, the false notion of inculturation has led to horrendous abuses all over. Check out this story from Japan:
    It’s a beautiful story of conversion. The female convert was going to give up her participation in pagan worship. But, apparently, the pastor told her not to!!!

    • You’re right VC, the EF does a great job of taking away the personality of the priest. As I’ve said off of my blog the only thing that should distinguish priests are their sermons and exegesis.

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