Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | May 31, 2010

Top 10 that have happened these past 3 weeks

1. Isn’t it rather funny that instead of being at the concert to honor our troops that have served, the Zero is in Chicago? (figures). I guess the Zero found out I was in the area and ran away…(he must not be a fan of this blog (I’m humbled he’d even read this)

2. I knew the government was trying to tell you how to live your life, but how to wear a bag? I was at the National Museum of Art, and the security people told these little boys to not wear these little bags like a backpack. The government looking out for posture too 😉

3. Those same security people seeing the fact that my friends and I had camera and were about to take picture, telling me to put a soda can in my pocket. (You’d think these people would have a brain and see, picture, soda bottle stiicking out, not a good thing). Apparently there’s no drinking in the museum (where we bought the drinks from, what’d they expect us to do?)…Apparently everyone’s uptight up there (may I never complain about Californians again :p)

4. I got stopped by the Capital Police, woo hoo. You’d think they’d never seen someone in black holding a rosary before. What part of innocently taking pictures do these people not get? I know 9/11 scared the daylights out of you, but I’m not Muslim, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

5. Every religious that I ran into said that I had signs of a vocation, I don’t know whether to be embarrassed, comforted, or perhaps a little of both. I’m humbled by these things and get quite shy, since I’m very introverted.

6. I met Janice and Ed, and they’ve been gracious hosts to me. since the other 2 orders that I was supposed to visit didn’t work out. They’ve introduced me to some awesome people which I hope will remember humble me in their prayers.

7. Did I fail to mention I haven’t seen a Liturgical Abuse in 3 weeks?. Way to go Archdiocese of Washington, Diocese of Arlington…Apparently, Liturgical Abuse is a strictly LA problem :p

8. When I was staying with the friars, many of them were like ne abd abi me and about the restoration of Catholic Identity through the Holy Liturgy. All about restoring the rubrics to their beauty.

9.  Best friend rings, oh, what a surprise I have for her when I get home

10. I can’t believe I’m one step closer.



  1. Hi, I’m glad you had a good time. Whenever I go to another diocese I get an attitude adjustment. The Arlington diocese isn’t perfect but we are soooooo blessed compared to most of the country

    • Thank you :), yes, there’s always a bit of adjustment when you’re outside of home, most of the time it’s in a good way at least for me, since my diocese is crazy. You are indeed blessed out here. I’m going to be at Old St Mary’s on Thursday at 7:30 pm for a high Mass on Corpus Christi 🙂

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